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The Kovak Cosmetic Center is one of the leading premier cosmetic practices in the Chicago region, led by Dr. Stanley Kovak, a recognized national and international expert on skin care, and a professional physician with years of experience in the most effective cosmetic procedures.

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The Premier Cosmetic Face, Body and Skin Clinic in Chicago

We provide exceptional quality cosmetic procedures to the residents of the Chicago area, offering innovative solutions to target and reduce the common signs and symptoms of aging, and rejuvenate the skin and body to restore a healthy, vibrant, and youthful appearance. Our goal is to revitalize the skin and body, helping to reduce or eliminate common facial complaints, like lines, wrinkles, and depressions.

The cosmetic services available at the Kovak Cosmetic Center span a vast range of cutting edge modern and highly popular treatments, all of which are focused on the natural alleviation of aesthetic facial, skin and body problems. Our treatments are designed to re-shape and contour the body, restoring the natural look of pronounced features and adding volume to the face where it has been lost. All of our procedures are designed to create a seamless transition, producing natural results that are understated, yet leave your face, lips and body looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and youthful.

The qualified and highly experienced team of plastic surgeons at the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago are able to provide the highest-quality of modern treatment in both the areas of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We are very proud of the options we are able to give each and every one of our valued patients, never limiting them to an unsuitable choice, but instead giving them the vast variety that modern technology has allowed.

At the Kovak Cosmetic Center we don’t fabricate beauty in an unnatural way, we work with the natural beauty of your body, enhancing your facial features to turn back the clock on your skin and restore that youthful glow. We all age at different rates, and sometimes we just can’t help our bodies racing ahead of our minds. With a helping hand, your facial features can reflect your true age, helping you to feel more confident about your appearance, and rebuild your self-esteem.


Welcome to the Family

It is the combination of our family ethos and exceptional expertise in the area of cosmetic procedures that has enabled the Kovak Cosmetic Center to offer its customers the latest advances in cosmetic practices and the best service in Illinois. We are exceptionally proud to be able to call ourselves a family run practice, with three generations of the Kovak family working under the same roof. The Kovak Cosmetic Center has been nurtured as a family run practice, with our expert team always striving to deliver the best services, customer care, and the friendliest and most welcoming of environments in Chicago.

Each and every customer who walks through our doors is treated as an extended member of the family, only ever offered the best services in Illinois. It is because of our dedication to provide the best and offer the most welcoming and comfortable environment, that we continue to invest in the latest and most revolutionary treatment in cosmetic procedures. We have branched out to provide the latest in surgical cosmetic procedures, have more that 25 of the most advanced lasers, and provide an extensive range of options for the latest in injectable cosmetic treatments.

At the Kovak Cosmetic Center, you will never be just another customer through the door, but a part of what makes the Kovak Cosmetic Center a leading destination for the highest quality cosmetic treatment in Chicago. The Kovak Cosmetic Center doesn’t just start and stop at the treatments we provide, but our thorough consultation procedures, extensive options, and full aftercare procedures – looking after every patient as if they were truly part of our family.

What Can the Kovak Cosmetic Center Do for Me?

If you’re concerned about the premature aging of your skin, want to revitalize and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin, or need help contouring and shaping your face to restore definition, then the Kovak Cosmetic Center may be able to help you. After an initial consultation with one of our expert team members, we will be able to assess your eligibility for the different treatments we have available at one of our cosmetic centers in Chicago and suggest a range of treatments.

We provide a wide range of treatments at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, spanning multiple different areas of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services – all of which are overseen by our dedicated team of expert physicians and plastic surgeons in Chicago. One or multiple high-quality treatments may be suggested, using our latest technology to ensure the most natural and rejuvenating results.


Surgical Cosmetic Procedures at the Kovak Cosmetic Center

At the Kovak Cosmetic Center we only offer the most advanced cosmetic treatments in Illinois, providing our customers with the best of the best when it comes to surgical cosmetic procedures. We can provide many of the most popular surgical cosmetic treatments in America, including full or partial facelifts, bleph surgery, and fat transfer procedures. All of our surgical procedures focus on different areas of facial rejuvenation, from restoring volume to the face and contouring, to eliminating fat in order to enhance the face and create a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures at the Kovak Cosmetic Center

We are able to offer a vast range of non-surgical treatments at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, allowing our customers to get the look they want with the best products on the market. Our non-surgical treatments include facial, neck, and chest treatments, body treatments, laser treatments, phototherapy, and Botox/dermal filler treatments. We are fully qualified, approved, and experienced in the use of multiple of the leading products and therapies, enabling us to use the right product to target each area of the body, from the elimination of fine lines to contouring and fat freezing.

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Dr. Kovak

Internationally renowned, award-winning cosmetic physician & skin care expert

What Should I Expect When Visiting the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Illinois?

At the Kovak Cosmetic Center, your experience will start as soon as you walk through the door. We pride ourselves on the warm and friendly environment that we have here at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, ensuring that no customer ever feels uncomfortable. Your first proper meeting with one of our expert team will likely be during your initial consultation. The consultation gives us plenty of time to get to know you, understand what you hope to achieve from cosmetic treatment, and assess whether you will be eligible for treatment. This also gives you chance to get to know us and discuss any concerns or worries that you have about cosmetic treatment, both surgical and non-surgical.

After the consultation, we can move forwards with selecting the right treatment and then planning your cosmetic procedure. Once everything is prepared, we will make sure that you have a full understanding of the chosen procedure, or multiple procedures, what we expect the results to be, and whether there are any potential complications or risks that you need to be aware of. Before your treatment, you will be informed of any preparation that you need to make, and what the recovery process will entail, so you can book any time off work, and make sure that you have everything on hand for after your treatment.

On the day of your treatment, we will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Most of the treatments we provide here at the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago are relatively painless and quite quick, so you likely won’t be with us for more than a few hours on the day. After many of our treatments, most people find that they are able to continue on with their day as normal. Once the treatment has finished, we will make sure you are completely happy with the procedure and follow up as required to ensure that the treatment was effective. Some treatments may also require you to stop by in a couple of days to a week, to have any stitches removed or dressings changed.

We constantly strive to deliver the most comprehensive cosmetic procedure service at the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Oakbrook, Illinois, giving our patients the individual care and attention that they require when undertaking a cosmetic treatment – not just during the treatment but at every stage.

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Need some help, but not sure where to start? Try our Virtual Consultation to learn about treatment options that might work best for your personal situation.

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