Rhinoplasty – Nose Job Myths!

Nose Job - Rhinoplasty Procedure Myths

Nose Job Myths!

Nose Job - Rhinoplasty Procedure Myths

Our faces are on display for the world to see, but more important than that, you see your face every day when you look in the mirror. If you aren’t happy with the shape, size, or look of your nose then it can damage your confidence, even when you’re not looking in the mirror.

A common solution to a nose that doesn’t make you feel happy about the look of your face is a nose job, or as it’s called in medical terms, rhinoplasty. This procedure is undertaken by hundreds of thousands of people in the US every year – but while it’s common, it’s not free from myths.

If you’re considering cosmetic treatment services to help you feel more confident about the look of your nose, then finding the truth in the myth (or absence of truth) is a great way to make you feel more comfortable making an inquiry at a plastic surgery center about rhinoplasty in Chicago.

Here are six widespread myths about Nose Job (Rhinoplasty):

Myth One: Having a Nose Job is Very Painful

No surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, is going to free from a little discomfort, especially during the recovery stages. However, having a nose job is not a very painful procedure. Before the main procedure starts, anesthesia is always administered to reduce the pain of the procedure.

Myth Two: Rhinoplasty is Only a Procedure for Women

Rhinoplasty has gained a bit of a stigma as a procedure that is only undertaken by women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Both men and women can have nose jobs, and in fact, many men choose to have the procedure done every year.

Myth Three: Insurance Doesn’t Cover Rhinoplasty

While it’s true that rhinoplasty is not always covered by insurance, it’s a complete myth that it’s never covered by insurance, just as it’s a myth that all rhinoplasty procedures are for cosmetic purposes only.

Some rhinoplasty procedures are solely for cosmetic reasons, but a nose job can also address serious health issues, like breathing difficulties in patients with a deviated septum. Full or partial insurance cover for rhinoplasty can be available for some patients who need the surgery.

Myth Four: Nose Jobs Always Look Fake

Over the years, nose jobs have gotten a bad name for themselves for looking fake and artificial, but the time has passed when the results of a nose job are obvious for the world to see. Surgery techniques have advanced and all cosmetic procedures have benefited.

The aim of a nose job is to create a natural appearance, and with the help of the best Chicago plastic surgery center, that aim is much more likely to be achieved.

Myth Five: You Can Completely Design Your New Nose

Reshaping a nose is a complicated procedure, despite not taking as long as many people might think. Before the procedure you can talk with your surgeon about how you want your nose to look, but due to the anatomy of the nose and its important functions, you may not be able to achieve your exact desired look.

Myth Six: Any Plastic Surgeon Can Perform a Nose Job

As we’ve already mentioned, nose jobs are complicated, and the anatomy of the nose is very unique, so not every plastic surgeon is going to be able to perform a nose job. Rhinoplasty should always be preformed by a qualified, experienced, and professional surgeon, with no exceptions.

One of the best ways to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nose jobs, is to get a better idea of what a Chicago rhinoplasty procedure really entails. You may be surprised about just how this cosmetic surgery procedure is performed, and how quickly you can be on your way home after the procedure has taken place.


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