NeoGraft: The Most Trusted Name in Hair Restoration Today

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatments in Chicago

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment Services in Chicago

Why NeoGraft the Most Trusted Name in Hair Restoration

As we grow older, we can start to see changes throughout our body; they can affect us each in different ways, reducing the confidence we have in ourselves, which can affect our relationships, tasks, and overall daily activities.

One of these changes happens with our hair, whether it be a result of loss or thinning of the hair. Now, we at Kovak Cosmetic Center understand just how important the perfect hair is, and we want you to feel as positive and happy with your image as possible.

Approximately 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States are victims of baldness or thinning hair. However, what if we told you there was a way to help?

Advanced Hair Transplant Treatments

Why NeoGraft? What makes it so unique? Compared to other hair transplant services, NeoGraft stands above the rest.

NeoGraft is an advanced hair transplant technology specifically designed to restore healthy hair and get you feeling as bold and flawless as possible! NeoGraft is a new hair transplant system that makes the process of harvesting the parts of the skin that grows hair quickly, drastically improving the speed and success of other hair transplant services.

Minimally Invasive

Unlike other hair transplants, NeoGraft is minimally invasive, meaning that the use of tools entering your body to perform the procedure is very minimal. The process is done without the use of stitches or staples.

A Natural Look

If you are worried about this transplant leaving a noticeable scar on your head, think again. NeoGraft leaves you feeling totally natural after the procedure with no blemish, looking like nothing even happened!

No Pain, Lots of Gains

It’s totally understandable that the sound of a transplant does not appear too pleasing, but with NeoGraft, the procedure causes little if any discomfort.

Back On Your Feet In No Time

Often when there is a procedure, it means long recovery times, but with NeoGraft, the recovery is usually within a few days, allowing you to get back to your healthy life and not let the pain of recovery hold you back!

Out With the Old In With The New

There are other hair transplant options, but the NeoGraft system works as a natural extension of the surgeon’s hand, allowing for faster recovery times, higher accuracy when it comes to the procedure and harvesting the hair follicles, and less time in the procedure room compared to other hair transplant procedures.

Noticeable Results

One of the most common questions after any hair transplant is often, when will I see results? With NeoGraft, the growth of new hair follicles take place about 3-4 months after your hair transplant and will continue to grow normally and naturally.

How Long Does it Last

The unfortunate thing is that no matter the transplant, hair loss is not guaranteed to stop after the transplant. Further sessions and continued maintenance will likely be required depending on the person and their hair growth-loss history.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatments For Both Men and Women

NeoGraft is the perfect option for both men and women that are experiencing hair loss and looking for an opportunity that will help with steady hair growth!

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment Services in Chicago (for men & women)

Are You a Right Fit For NeoGraft?

If you suffer from hair loss, baldness, or thinner/patchy hair, this may be the right option for you! Though there are not many restrictions, there are ideal candidates to receive this transplant. Those looking to venture on this journey towards rejuvenating hair should be healthy and have enough healthy hair where you will be receiving the transplant. If you, unfortunately, suffer from rapid hair loss, NeoGraft may not be possible as this particular procedure won´t improve hair growth in this case.

NeoGraft Treatments at Kovak Cosmetic Center

At the Kovak Cosmetic Center, we are always looking for the newest and best ways to give Chicago Residents the best services and care, because that is what they deserve.

Our professional team of doctors and staff make this procedure comfortable and stress-free from the days leading up to the transplant to during the process to the days following. If you are experiencing hair loss and thinning, book your initial consultation at the Kovak Cosmetic Center. You can also check out our positive cosmetic treatment reviews here.

Don´t be left feeling bad about your hair and make the step towards a life-changing hair transplant today. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and we fully understand that starts with your image. Don’t wait any longer, contact us at Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago.



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