Emsculpt Treatments Part II: All You Need to Know


Creating a look that lights up every room you walk is often something each person at some point in their life dreams of. When you think about it, your body is your temple; it is the most important thing you have, the least you can do is be comfortable and confident in it 24/7 hours a day 365 days of the year.

There are many options for body shaping out there offered in many clinics across the world. For those who want to lose a lot of weight and tighten their skin, it is easy to find a solution, but what about the people who have a low body fat percentage? Those with a low body fat percentage also want to tone and shape their stomach, butt, arms, and legs, well we at Kovak Cosmetic Center have the perfect option for you!

Emsculpt the Perfect Look

In our latest blog post, we covered how creating that perfect look can be difficult and finding help to do so can be an even more laborious task. See Emsculpt Body Sculpting & Contouring. It can be frustrating and that is why we at Kovak Cosmetic Center offer the best & most advanced body sculpting & contouring option.

How does Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatments Work?

Your Emsculpt body sculpting treatments in Chicago will take part in a variety of different sessions. During the procedure an applicator is placed on the area you want to improve, using a high-intensity electromagnetic pulse, contractions that cannot be achieved through normal muscle movement happen.

 Non-Invasive Body Sculpting & Contouring Treatments

That’s right; there is nothing that will enter your body; all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the highly advanced Emsculpt treatment do its thing!

Fun Facts About Emsculpt

Fact #1: Emsculpt is comparable to hopping in your car, going to the gym, and doing over 20,000 situps in a total of just 30 minutes. If you aren’t going to say, we will, WOW!

Fact #2: You see fast results very quickly. With no need for recovery due to no surgery (making it an attractive option for those who hate needles), you will start seeing your results weeks after your last session. Depending on your specific case, the number of sessions needed is unique to each patient, but you will see the best results about 30-60 days after surgery. A short couple of months for a better look is definitely worth it.

Fact #3: It’s not just for show. You may think that choosing Emsculpt will just provide you with definition and a tighter look, well, that is not the case at all. After Emsculpt, patients have testified to feeling and being stronger in the areas that were treated.

Fact #4: Get ready to be pleased: Over 92% of those who choose Emsculpt see results and are completely satisfied.

Before & After: What To Expect with Kovak Cosmetic Center

During your first consultation, your doctor will analyze your body and the area(s) that you want to treat. They will then go over how many sessions you will need and the little details you need to know so that you are fully confident with your decision. Remember, our priority at Kovak Cosmetic Center is ensuring the confidence and comfortability of our patients at all times.

EMSCULPT Before & After Photos - Pics

Each session takes about 30 minutes, and the only pain you will feel after is a bit of soreness like you have just completed an extensive and invigorating exercise. In a couple of weeks after your last session, your result will start to come in with the full “new you” appearing in the following months, exciting, right?

Kovak Cosmetic Center: One of The Only Places That Offers Emsculpt in Chicago

Often described as the easiest 30-minute workout anyone has ever had, this new treatment is on the rise and being sought after by many people living in Chicago. Kovak Cosmetic Center is always growing and providing unique and innovative treatments for our patients and ensuring that our team is trained and certified for all procedures.

If you want fast, dependable, and desirable results with the best plastic surgeons in Chicago, then look no further than Kovak Cosmetic Center. Alongside Emsculpt, our trained professionals offer their extensive knowledge in a wide array of different plastic surgery procedures. No matter the need, we at Kovak Cosmetic Center can make it happen!

Backed By Solid Science and Clinical Studies

It’s normal to have your doubts about any kind of procedure where the principle aim is to change or contour a part of your body using technology. Knowing that any kind of treatment is proven to work allows you for the peace of mind necessary to say yes to Emsculpt and go forward with the process.

Those who created Emsculpt found that patients with low body fat are frightened by the thought of surgery and look for the most minimally invasive procedure out there. Emsculpt has been tested and scientifically proven to work. During MRI, CAT scan, and Ultrasound studies by leading medical professionals, the results were consistent across all three of the modalities. We don’t base the treatments we provide at Kovak Cosmetic Center on what someone says; we provide them based on hard science!

Look Your Best With EMSCULPT at Kovak Cosmetic Center

Chicago EMSCULPT Laser Sculpting Treatments at Kovak Cosmetic CenterYou deserve nothing less than to be comfortable in your own skin. Confidence plays one of the most critical roles in your life, and going any day, not feeling like yourself, is extremely difficult. Alongside a team of trained professionals ready to care and be with you through every step of the way, Emsculpt can help you be the person you have always wanted to be.

If you want stronger and longer endurance at the gym, increased core strength, definer muscles, a toned body, and better posture, Emsculpt is the procedure for you. Contact Kovak Cosmetic Center today to book your consultation.


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