Non-Invasive Skin & Body Sculpting Treatments

Non Invasive skin and body sculpting treatments

Non Invasive Skin & Body Sculpting Treatments in Chicago



A high number of Americans are extremely bothered by excess body fat and loose skin caused by cellulite. While surgical procedures such as liposuction used to be the go-to option for fat reduction, these procedures pose potential health risks alongside high financial costs. Now more than ever, patients are seeking a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to remove body fat and loose skin while providing a look that they will be proud of.


With a seemingly countless amount of non-invasive or minimally invasive body sculpting treatments in Chicago, the only difficult challenge you will have to face is choosing the one that is right for you. Each body contouring procedure is unique in its own way; that is why the professionals at Kovak Cosmetic Center are always available to guide you through choosing the ideal treatment. Keep on reading to discover the new and most popular fat burners in Chicago and how we will improve the way you look and feel.


Cellulite is a common aesthetic problem that diminishes self-confidence in many people across the world. Cellulite is characterized by uneven texture, loose skin, and lumpy skin contours. It’s related to the fat located under the skin between tissues. These deposits of fat will change the shape of the body in places such as legs, arms, abdomen, and buttocks. Fortunately, cellulite poses no significant risk to the overall health of a person. Patients choose body contouring procedures to help with their self-confidence, giving them a healthier, younger, and fresher look.

Though more common in females, up to 90% of both men and women suffer from cellulite and fat deposits on their bodies at some time in their lifetime. This is what makes non or minimally invasive treatments so popular. With Kovak Cosmetic Center, you will completely eliminate the need of:

  • Surgical Tools
  • Long Recovery Periods
  • Extended waiting times for results


CoolSculpting is a new and innovative body-contouring system in Chicago. Using cryolipolysis, the subdermal fat cells in the thighs, arms, chin, and abdomen are frozen. The procedure is completely non-invasive and takes about an hour to complete. This incredible technology is able to treat various areas, no matter their size. Depending on the area(s) being treated, you may need more than one session with your professional at Kovak Cosmetic Center.

Chicago Coolsculpting Treatment Services

The process is safe, fast, and easy. We freeze the fat cells, and your body naturally takes care of the rest. Following the procedure, you may feel mild redness, bruising, swelling, and tenderness in the area being treated. Your specialist will discuss with you the number of treatments you will require before your first procedure to assure that you are entirely comfortable and happy with the plan. CoolSculpting is highly recommended.


Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure that is designed to release and improve the appearance of excess cellulite on the buttocks and upper thighs. In as little as a one-hour treatment, Cellfina will significantly enhance the appearance of cellulite in the area that you wish to treat. Kovak Cosmetic Centers’ comprehensive cellulite removal treatments use Cellfina to ensure that patients walk away with smoother and younger skin that lasts for extended periods of time. Benefits of a Cellfina include:

  • The removal of cellulite: Say goodbye to cellulite and give the area being treated a smooth and healthy look.
  • High satisfaction- After 3 years, patients report a 93% satisfaction rate.
  • Minimally invasive- There is little to no downtime following the procedure.

After being treated with Cellfina, patients are able to return home immediately and resume their regular activities. Usually, 1 or 2 treatments are sufficient to achieve desired results. During your first consultation, make sure to talk with your cosmetic specialist to discuss your treatment plan and the required amount of sessions for your unique condition.


Chicago EMSCULPT - Body Sculpting & Contouring Treatment Services in Oakbrook Terrace IL

EMSCULPT is a painless procedure that requires no surgical tools. This procedure kills fat and builds muscle at the same time using high-intensity electromagnetic energy. Through this procedure, the energy contours and shapes the body, improving the build and muscles. By using high-intensity electromagnetic energy, thousands of muscle contractions are induced in as little as 30 minutes. This is often compared to doing over 20 years of sit-ups, incredible, right? After a series of treatments, the body will naturally begin to shed stubborn fat and start to tone. Unique benefits of EMSCULPT include:

  • More muscle mass- 15% to 20% increase in muscle mass for patients.
  • No recovery time- Unlike surgical procedures, EMSCULPT requires no downtime. After the procedure, patients will return to their normal daily lives.
  • Safe and effective- This procedure is safe and reliable. Because most of these treatments require no surgical tours, there are no side effects.
  • For both men and women- If you are a man suffering from loose skin or excess fat, don’t worry because this procedure is for everyone.

During this procedure, an applicator paddle is placed over the area of the body that you want to be treated. Once the machine is turned on, the applicator releases intense electromagnetic energy that provides around 20,000 muscle contractions. These stimulate muscle contractions that can never be achieved through normal exercise. Following an EMSCULPT treatment, patients will return to normal activities. They may feel a bit tired, like they just participated in an intense workout. Muscle fatigue, stiffness, and soreness for about 48 hours after the treatment are common.


Do you know what exactly is behind the signs of aging? If not, don’t worry, it is very common. At times, people begin to recognize that their face just isn’t the same. Whether it be from seeing old photographs or looking in the mirror, sometimes it is too hard to put your finger on just how it happened. One of the main reasons that people begin to see signs of aging, especially those older than 30, is the loss of collagen. This protein is located deep within the dermis and provides structure. The unbearable problem that affects both women and men is that they begin to lose collagen and produce little of it as soon as they are 20 years old. After a significant loss of collagen, tissue sags, and the skin appears to be thinner and drier, leading to an older, unhealthy look.

Sculptra is unlike any other filler currently on the market. Its unique design builds facial volume for all of those in desperate need to reverse the signs of aging without looking like they had any work done. Sculptra in Chicago at Kovak Cosmetic Center achieves so much more than just temporary results. This filler is injected into the facial tissue, and the body absorbs it over time. As the particle is absorbed, the collagen fibers that are injected provide firmness and volume to the face.


Thermismooth Body has changed the way that cosmetic procedures tighten and smooth the skin while improving cellulite without the need for surgery. Thermismooth body uses a radiofrequency device that uses heat to rejuvenate the tissue. This procedure results in tighter, healthier, and youthful skin. The radiofrequency heat produced in this treatment promotes the natural production of collagen, eliminating unwanted fat below the layer of the skin. The Thermismooth Body package provided at Kovak Cosmetic Center will tighten the skin in a series of customized patient sessions. Our professional aesthetic providers are able to administer the right amount of RF heat to the area you want to target in a safe manner.

  • Tighten loose skin on the stomach
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Get rid of saggy skin on the buttocks and thighs


Chicago JUVEDERM Treatment Clinic

Deep wrinkles may be a part of aging, but they do not have to be permanent. Derma Fillers like Juvéderm are a quick, reliable, and easy solution. These game-changing fillers work to erase unflattering lines creating a younger, refreshed look. Juvederm is a safe formula that can last up to a year. The injection of hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that adds volume and hydration when administered in the targeted areas. It will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and folds while at the same time smoothing the skin. When you are searching for an effective treatment to restore a youthful appearance, Juvederm is what you are looking for.

Where Can Juvéderm Be Used?

Juvéderm benefits many areas of the skin. On the face, Juvéderm is a highly effective treatment for the skin under the eyes, lips, smile lines, the area above the nose between the eyebrows, the cheeks, jawline, and chin. As an added bonus, for those suffering from scars, Juvéderm can also be used to fill them in. This treatment will make any scars less noticeable, improving self-esteem for affected patients.


The main reason non-invasive body contouring procedures are on the rise is due to the many different treatments available and the exciting technology that they use. You will complete each session comfortably and quickly, no matter the time of day. Whether it be on your lunch break or after work, most sessions take less than just 30 minutes. Also, most treatments result in no or minimal swelling, pain, or other effects, so you will complete your treatment and be able to return to your normal daily activities. If you are worried about having a plastic look following the procedure, we assure you that the only appearance you will have is one that is natural and healthy. Our body contouring treatments in Chicago will remove unwanted fat, rebuild collagen, and restore a smooth, toned appearance.


Each treatment is unique in its own way, so the number of sessions needed will vary. Also, the area being treated plays a huge role in the number of visits you will require. Our aesthetic specialists will design a unique treatment plan depending on your goals during your consultation. Time is required for the body to naturally regenerate and heal, so you will most likely see the most significant results a few weeks following your last treatment.


When you visit Kovak Cosmetic Center for your body contouring treatments in Chicago, we highly recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. Though your treatment will be painless and quick, you are going to want to just sit back and relax.


Body Contouring Treatments in Chicago

One of the main reasons that those suffering from loose skin and excess body fat don’t stick with a diet or exercise regime is the lack of results and the frustration that comes with it. Unfortunately, we all look at ourselves in the mirror, examine ourselves, and compare who we were too when we were younger with tighter, healthier skin. Those who try day after day to get results have a growing frustration with the shortage of progress. Sometimes, dieting and exercising just don’t seem to do the trick. When you want to keep yourself from becoming angry or frustrated and desire quick results, then body contouring treatments with Kovak Cosmetic Center are the best option for you.

Neck Contouring

Neck contouring is a fantastic option for clients no matter the age who desire a younger and fitter look. The reality of the aging process is that it starts to show primarily in the neck, where the lack of collagen production starts to produce saggy skin. Neck contouring procedures will reverse this effect.


Loose skin on the arms is normally the result of aging, weight gain, or excessive weight loss. For those who want to treat excessive fat on the outer parts of the arm and do not want to use surgery, Kovak Cosmetic Center has an array of incredible non-invasive options to reverse the side effects.


Say goodbye to going “under the knife” to get a tighter stomach that you have always wanted. Non surgical options for contouring the abdominal area using a mix of heat and cold to shrink and eventually kill off fat cells. Come to Kovak Cosmetic Center when you want to get rid of excess body fat.

Thighs and Buttocks

Is loose skin and cellulite preventing you from being able to have the ideal body? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we use a combination of different treatments to get you looking your best in no time, such as:

  • Hot and cold
  • Radiofrequency
  • Injectables
Flanks (Love Handles)

Excess stomach fat is an extreme concern that affects both men and women. You do not deserve to spend another day hating the way your body looks. When extensive exercise and dieting isn’t doing what you need it to do, non-invasive body contouring with Kovak Cosmetic Center is the answer. We will remove small pockets of fat that cover and sag over the hips.


Those suffering from unflattering excess body fat, scars, and loose skin do not deserve to have their day-to-day lives constantly affected by the way they look. Don’t live another day wishing for the body that you could have in a matter of a few sessions with Kovak Cosmetic Center. When you wish for a younger and more toned look, contact us, and we will have you living your best life in no time! You’re a good candidate for body sculpting when:

  • You have stubborn fat tissue
  • You already follow a rigorous exercise and diet schedule but are not seeing the results that you want.
  • You have excess fat on your stomach, thighs, or upper arms
  • You have realistic expectations about your body sculpting experience


When you are ready to take the next step to a better you, schedule an in-person consultation with our cosmetic specialists in Chicago. Our knowledgeable staff at Kovak Cosmetic Center will guide you through the entire experience from start to finish. Don’t live in the dark any longer, and show off your new toned and younger body with a non-invasive body contouring treatment at Kovak Cosmetic Center.





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