Venus Viva Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in Chicago are Extremely Effective for Achieving Facial Resurfacing Results – Here’s Why…

hy Chicago Venus Viva Treatments Are So Effective for Skin Rejuvenation and Facial Resurfacing Results

Venus Viva Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in Chicago

Your skin is one of the essential parts of your body’s health and complexion. It is a warrior against everyday exposure, shielding against dehydration, exposure, UV radiation, and harmful bacteria. It’s easy to forget about the job that is being done by your skin and just assume that it is protecting you, but unfortunately, over time, your skin will begin to deteriorate, causing the urgent need for proper skin care and rejuvenation.

  • Hyper Pigmentation
  • Scarring from Acne
  • Poor Skin Tone and Texture
  • Large Pores

Venus Viva is the one of the most desirable skin resurfacing solutions in the Chicagoland area. Venus Viva Resurfacing Treatments are used for a variety of different, life-altering skin conditions, including some of those signs that come with aging. Your complexion plays an essential role in your daily life; whether it be for your self-confidence, work, or social life, anything that takes away from the beauty within will have a serious impact on the way you live your life. One of the many things that make Venus Viva stand out above other treatments is that it works on all skin tones.  This new and exciting treatment is taking over the United States and providing a solution for everyone who desires a smoother, younger complexion!

Transformational Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing Therapy For a Fresh, New Look!

Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing Chicago

Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing in Chicago, a new way to transform your complexion in just a few short treatments. Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing is a new and exciting type of skin resurfacing device that utilizes the influential power of radiofrequency technology. When someone in the Chicagoland area is suffering from a skin deformity, this treatment plan improves the tone, pigmentation, texture, and quality of the skin.

Unlike other treatment plans involving lasers, Venus Viva therapy eliminates the need for burning skin completely. By eliminating this process, the radio frequency only heats the skin deeply, which results in a decreased amount of healing time. This FDA- approved and fully acceptable treatment for all skin types needs to be the go-to skin rejuvenation treatment for those in Chicago and the surrounding area. Are you ready to achieve tighter, more attractive skin with reduced visibility of hyperpigmentation and texture issues? Venus Viva is the ideal treatment for quick results and little downtime. This game-changing skin rejuvenation & face resurfacing treatment helps treat the signs of aging while improving the texturing of the skin on the neck and face.

Venus Viva RF

  • Smooths scars caused by acne
  • Shrinks expanded pores
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Removes dark spots around the eyes
  • Eliminates stretch marks
  • Fights against fine lines and wrinkles

Innovative Skin Resurfacing & Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Plans in Chicago

(How Venus Viva Works)

Facial Sculpting & Contouring Treatment in Chicago

Venus Viva is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after treatment solutions for wide-variety of skin problems, around the neck and face. It is due to the delivery of heat through tiny pins that release NanoFractional Radio Frequency to the surface of the skin. Through minimal discomfort, small wounds are created through the application of the treatment. While the heat is applied, the body quickly heals these tiny wounds, and while they heal, they amazingly also heal the damage created by skin deformities caused by aging and underlying factors.

By using RF and Smart-Scan technology, the treatment delivers painless energy and heat directly to the dermis. The stimulation caused on the skin’s dermal layer initiated skin change, promoting tissue remodeling and the natural creation of new collagen. Not only does the new collagen fibers create a tighter, compact skin matrix, but it is also completely natural! Many anti-aging products on the market to reduce signs of aging include a chemically based filler, which does indeed temporarily fix the problem, but Venus Viva stimulates a natural way for your body to heal.

Did you know that, unlike other light bases lasers, Venus Viva technology can be safely used around the eyes and lips!

It is easy to feel helpless when suffering from sagging and wrinkled facial skin, but with Venus Viva, your dream of an even brighter, smooth, and radiant skin tone can all become a reality at Kovak Cosmetic Center!

Venus Viva Technology – Your Answer for More Vibrant, Smoother Skin

Chicago Venus Viva Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation in Oakbrook Terrace

Venus Viva boasts two different types of applicators depending on what you are having. At Kovak Cosmetic Center, during your first consultation, your specialist will discuss with you what exactly you want to be treated, then they will choose the proper applicator to use before treatment starts.

For ablation and resurfacing of the skin, a NanoFractional Radio Frequency applicator is utilized. When you are sick and tired of having the effects of aging and wrinkles dampening the way you look and want a way to get rid of them without surgery, then the DiamondPolar applicator will be used.

NonFractional Radio Frequency Applicator

Four weeks after the last treatment using the NonFractional Radio Frequency applicator, the total surface area, width, and length of the striae alba, stretch marks that lighten and have a pale, wrinkled appearance, began to decrease significantly. In a published study, patients were extremely satisfied, while overall improvements were between 93.94% and 96.97%. This applicator is designed to resurface the skin, helping reduce the appearance of:

  • Scars
  • Rosacea
  • Dyschromia
  • Deep Wrinkles
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Enlarged pores

DiamondPolar Applicator

By using a patented (MP)² technology, the DiamondPolar Applicator uses Pulsed Magnetic fires and muti-pilar frequency to produce a soothing heat matrix over the skin. Wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and firming occur due to a thermal reaction caused by the multipolar radiofrequency. This reaction stimulated the body to naturally heal, restoring response to the skin and achieving tighter skin. This applicator is generally used for those who suffer from ugly wrinkles, and it provides a quick and effective way to get rid of them.

What To Expect During a Venus Viva Session with Kovak Cosmetic Center

Venus Viva Treatment Sessions in Chicagoland

Before the actual sessions begin, your specialist will meet with you to examine your condition and put a personalized treatment plan into place. Once you begin the treatment, we will send multiple fractional RF currents into the targeted area using the one-of-a-kind Venus Viva technology; we will be able to make energy adjustments that are tailored to each individual patient according to what is being treated. The device will emit small amounts of radiofrequency energy into the dermis, producing heat that breaks down the worn-down collagen fibers and stimulates the healthy and natural production of new, stronger collagen. Our specialists at Kovak Cosmetic Center are trained in controlling the power and duration of the RF, ensuring highly successful and effective treatment.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to Achieve Full Results?

Each patient’s needs are unique in their own way, so the number of treatments needed depends on them. On average, the usual amounts of sessions needed are between 2 and 4. Each treatment is about 3 weeks apart from one another and only lasts about 30 minutes.

How Long Will I Need to Recover?

Due to Venus Viva being non-invasive, there is no downtime needed following your treatment. You may feel a bit of discomfort, but nothing that will affect your day-to-day life. After your 30 minute treatment, you can return to your activities. When you are looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment that you can easily work around your schedule, then Venus Viva is perfect for you.

Is Venus Viva Only for Women?

No, Venus Viva treatment in Chicago with Kovak Cosmetic Center is for both men and women. No matter your gender or skin color, you are eligible for this incredible treatment.

Are You Ready for a More Desirable Complexion? Contact Kovak Cosmetic Center!

Your complexion plays a huge role in your life, and it is understandable that annoying things like wrinkles and fine lines take away from your self-confidence. At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we strive to help you live your best life as happily and stress-free as possible. When you are ready to say goodbye to an unattractive appearance and hello to one that you have dreamt about forever, contact Kovak Cosmetic Center today!


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