EMFACE – Facial Toning & Contouring

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EMFACE is a Face Lifting, Face Toning, Wrinkle Reduction & Contouring Treatment

The EMFACE™ face lift, toning and skin tightening treatment has arrived! BTL Industries made an initial announcement about this revolutionary device earlier this year, but had not defined a release date.

Kovak Cosmetic Center is excited to be one of the first in the country, the Midwest, Chicagoland area, and Chicago to offer this disruptive technology for facial aesthetics.

EMFACE™ uses patented technology for muscle contraction and skin tissue heating to tighten, lift, and add volume to the face. Think of this device as the Emsculpt NEO for your face. EMFACE™ combines High-Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation (HIFES) muscle building technology with Radio Frequency (RF) to tone, tighten, and lift facial muscles.

Best of all, EMFACE™ is non-invasive. That’s right! EMFACE™ is completely needle-free, non-invasive, and is the only advanced needle-free procedure that simultaneously treats the muscles and skin of your face. This means less wrinkles, less sagging skin, and fewer fine lines, all without cutting or inserting needles into your face.

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Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Kovak Cosmetic Center

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