How is Emface® Different than the Traditional Facelift?

How is Emface® Different than the Traditional Facelift?

The signs of aging are unfortunately inevitable, and the moment your face begins to show fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles, you may consider a facelift procedure to reduce and avoid any more changes. For decades, a traditional facelift has been one of the only lasting options patients have had to achieve a youthful appearance and facial appearance. However, thanks to the advances in cosmetic medicine, patients have more options to choose from. This includes Emface®, a brand new innovative facial sculpting treatment. So, how is Emface® Different from a traditional facelift? Keep reading to find out more!

What is a Traditional Facelift?

A traditional facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is an invasive surgical procedure that assists in minimizing different signs of facial aging, including fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles. The ultimate purpose of a traditional facelift is to improve the overall look on the face, jawline, and other prominent facial features. Those who have opted for a conventional facelift surgery do so to reverse the undesirable effects of stress, exposure to various environmental elements, and aging. Traditional facelifts can be combined with other cosmetic treatments, including:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Among others

What Patients Should Expect with a Traditional Face Lift

In a traditional facelift, your plastic surgeon will make an incision in your hairline and take it down around your lower scalp and ear. The process may involve redistribution or sculpting fat from the neck, jowls, and face. Skin sutures or adhesives are used to close the incisions in a traditional facelift procedure. Patients can expect a more aesthetically rejuvenated and appealing facial structure. Typically intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is administered.

Patients should expect a recovery period of 2 to 4 weeks from a traditional facelift. They will also need to take this time off from work or strenuous activities, with bruising also visible for about two weeks. While patients may see visible results immediately after their procedure, it can take as long as nine months to see the full effect of a traditional facelift.

What is Emface®?

Emface® is the newest member of the BTL family, which includes some of the most innovative, nonsurgical procedures available today, including Emsculpt, Emsculpt Neo, and Emsella! However, Emface® has become one of the most exciting new additions to the cosmetic improvement world as it is one of the only available facial lifting and sculpting procedures that does not require an invasive method for achieving results. Instead, Emface® is entirely non-invasive and uses patented technology to deliver exceptional and lasting results.

How Does Emface® Work?

Emface® is the first device that utilizes HIFES, High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation, and RF, Radio Frequency, to improve facial symmetry and lift. The RF energy heats elastin and collagen fibers using this device, while the HIFES emits thousands of pulses to contract facial muscles. This non-invasive procedure addresses issues in various areas of the face, including

  • Eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline

One of the best things about this procedure, in addition to being non-invasive, is it is simple, easy, and often described as relaxing. Patients can easily go to their quick 20-minute sessions and begin to see results almost immediately. Therefore, for those looking to avoid surgery at all costs and the strenuous recovery time, pain, and possible complications that come with a surgical facelift, Emface® is one of the best and only options for results that last!

Why Are Patients Choosing Emface Over a Traditional Facelift?

With decades of being one of the go-to procedures for those looking to avoid the negative signs of aging, many patients want to know why they should consider a new procedure over one that has been around for so long. The answer is simple; this treatment is for those who want to reverse the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while at the same time lifting the face without the need or hassle of a surgical procedure.

Emface® not only allows patients to avoid an invasive procedure but is an additional alternative to other non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments, including fillers. While fillers also provide amazing results for patients, they need to be redone constantly as they provide only temporary results. Patients are choosing Emface® thanks to their variety of benefits, and these include:

  • More natural lift without any needles
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Quick sessions
  • No recovery time needed

How Many Sessions are Needed for Optimal Results with Emface®?

One of the many things to consider before undergoing any cosmetic therapy is that each patient’s condition is truly unique. Not all patients are going to see the same results right away. Therefore, the condition of the patient alters the number of treatments they need to achieve the results they desire. However, Dr. Kovak, a leading plastic surgeon in Chicago and the United States, recommends that patients undergo at least six sessions of Emface®.

For most patients, after six sessions, they see immediate and absolutely stunning results that keep getting better as the weeks go on. The sessions are only 20 minutes and go by in a flash, with many patients explaining that it feels like a warm and pleasant facial massage. The availability of the Emface® treatment is one of the many reasons that makes this particular therapy very attractive. No downtime, quick results, and outstanding results.

Are You a Candidate for Emface®?

If you notice the impacts the natural signs of aging have on your facial appearance and want to reverse them without surgery, then Emface® may be right for you. Book your consultation with Dr.Kovak and his amazing team to find out whether or not you are a candidate that can benefit from this amazing and innovative treatment. You can easily book a consultation here.

Find Out More About Emface® with Kovak Cosmetic Center

Reversing the unwanted and impactful signs of aging has never been easier with Emface® at Kovak Cosmetic Center. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to avoid surgery, lift the face, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and more, then schedule a consultation today with Kovak Cosmetic Center and get the results that you desperately desire!
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