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Kovak Cosmetic Center
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 by SMO
Dr. Kovak

Dr. Kovak and his team are tremendous. I want to say that upfront before I share with you my journey, and how I was fortunate enough to find Dr Kovak who corrected that damage that another doctor in the Oak Brook area had done to me with previous cosmetic procedures.

I am a female in my mid 60s and had a procedure; mini facelift with fat transfer and neck lipo that had left me with very heavy jowling, uneven transfer of fat to the face, and uneven neck lipo with lumpy scar tissue. The original doctor that had done my first procedures was from another practice in the Oak Brook area and had told me that the results I ended up with were individual based on how I healed, and that I could pay more money and get other procedures to correct it, like a neck lift or a full plane facelift.

This first doctor also told me that I had herniated submandibular glands which was causing the heavy jowling. Hearing that I had herniated submandibular glands from this other doctor that  did my first procedure, I went to Northwestern to an ENT to see what could be done about these alleged submandibular glands.

I shared with the doctor that had done my first procedure that I was going to do this and he said to me why are you going to pay all that money to find out what I already told you is the case with your glands. I told this other doctor that did my first procedure that it was concerning to me that he said I had herniated glands - he also added that he saw my herniated glands during my mini facelift procedure. I responded to this other doctor that did my first procedure that I wanted to get them checked out, and I have insurance that will cover the costs.

I paid close to $20K to this other doctor for these procedures that have left me with this negative outcome. This other doctor that I referred to here, by the way, has a practice in very close proximity to that of Dr. Kovak’s practice in Oak Brook, and continued to only offer solutions to me which would have resulted in more invasive procedures at a cost to me, to correct what he had done to me.

Feeling very distraught, and almost ashamed of the way I ended up looking after my first procedure with this other doctor, I sought several different medical opinions on how to correct what was done, and nobody seemed able to help me.

I luckily made an appointment at Dr Kovak’s office because I had seen a YouTube video of Dr. Kovak explaining the VLR Jawline sculpting. Dr Kovak and his team were wonderful. Dr Kovak listened to my concerns, made me feel comfortable, and Dr Kovak walked me through the procedure that he was suggesting, which was the VLR Jawline Sculpting.

Obviously, I was a little nervous because I had already had one procedure that didn’t turn out well. Dr Kovak and his team (Sandy & Susie) were very professional and patient with me during the entire process. I am very happy to say that my results are beyond what my expectations were.

The heavy jowling and uneven fat transfer that was done by the other doctor is gone thanks to Dr. Kovak. Dr. Kovak corrected the uneven fat transfer that was done and my jawline and neck look fabulous if I may say so. Dr Kovak and his team also are tremendous at my check ins. Whether you’re in the Oakbrook area or anywhere else, Dr. Kovak is the doctor I trust along with his fabulous clinical team and I would highly recommend him!

I wish I would have found Dr Kovak first, honestly I don’t think I should’ve gotten or needed the mini facelift and fat transfer from that other doctor that did these procedures on me prior to me. Going to Dr Kovak was probably all I needed, and what I should have done in the first place was the VLR jawline sculpting.

Thank You Dr Kovak Again!!!!

 by Dana
Dr. Kovak

My experience with Dr. Kovak was wonderful! He took the time to answer all my questions, I had a lot . I wasn’t sure if my veins were treatable because of their locations but he explained everything, and I never felt rushed or pressured into any procedures. I had a vein on my eye lid and under my eye treated and I could not be happier with the results. I had some questions post procedure once I got home and the staff was so nice when I called, and Dr. Kovak called me back to check on me. Highly recommend!

 by Marie
Dr. Kovak

Dr. Kovak and his team are absolutely AMAZING! I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else. Dr. Kovak is so kind, honest, and makes sure he does exactly what you want to feel better about yourself. I have had several procedures done at his office and I am extremely happy each time. His prices are fair and, most importantly, I know I am in good hands with Dr. Kovak. He truly cares about his clients and is such a wonderful human being, too! I hope he NEVER retires! 🙂

 by Susan
Dr. Kovak

Dr. K is the best! He's recommended treatments for me that were life changing. I went to another dermatological treatment center closer to my home--bad move on my part. Plus who else has a personality like Dr. K?? He's funny and personable.

 by Jeremy
Dr. Kovak

Awesome treatment!

 by YA
Dr. Kovak

Amazing lip treatment

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