Our Team


Lauren Kroeger
Licensed Esthetician

Lauren is one of the newest members of the Kovak Cosmetic Center team and a licensed esthetician whose passion is making you feel more comfortable in your skin. Her desire to learn about skin care was fueled by her struggle with acne as a teen and young adult, which drove her to expand her knowledge on effective routines and treatments. Lauren combines a results-driven approach with a twist of holistic to help her clients (and herself!), and loves to provide a relaxing and informative experience.

Lauren obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in 2018 and completed esthetician school at G Skin & Beauty Institute. She has lived in Indiana and Florida, but is a Chicagoland native who loves (sort of) the Chicago winters. When Lauren is not working on your skin health, brows, and lashes, she is hanging out with Doug, her goofy golden retriever.

Jad is our most tenured esthetician and has been providing her clients with expert facial and skin care for multiple decades. From tints to waxing, microdermabrasions to chemical peels, Jad has seen a variety of skin types, tones, and conditions, and knows how best to treat them.

Jad’s approach focuses on improving your skin’s healthiness and overall appearance, while helping you achieve that youthful glow. Visit with Jad today to learn more about your skin and customize your skincare routine. 

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