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The procedure known as cosmetic denervation uses Botox ® injections to improve the appearance of forehead worry lines and frown lines, eye laugh lines and crow’s feet or other dynamic wrinkles.

Kovak Cosmetic Center has been recognized by Allergan, the manufacturer’s of Botox Cosmetic, as a Center of Excellence as well as Platinum Plus with Allergan’s Partner Privileges program.  Dr. Kovak has been training other physician’s in the art of Botox Cosmetic for nearly twenty years!

“Let’s face it, being a twin mom of two-year-old toddlers is exhausting and my skin and face totally show my exhaustion. I saw Dr Kovak for a Botox treatment to help the deep setting wrinkles in my forehead and crow’s feet. Like always, it was an excellent experience and this simple procedure removed years and obvious lack of sleep from my face! I highly recommend their practice.”

Margaret G. | Patient since 2013

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