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A revolutionary new treatment to eliminate body fat safely and quickly without having to rely on surgical options or a substantial recovery time.

CoolSculpting is a brand-new way to combat one of the biggest problems that people face with their bodies – weight loss. It’s a leading non-surgical treatment, approved by the FDA, that can literally freeze body fat away, without the patient having to undergo surgery or have any invasive treatment.

It is estimated that around 160 million people in America are either overweight or suffering from obesity – that’s around 60% of women in America and just under 75% of men. Many people find themselves bouncing between diets, loosing and putting on the same few pounds every few months, just trying to get their body down to a healthy weight that they can feel comfortable with. This continuous weight fluctuation can impact your health and lower your self-esteem, making it harder and harder to shift those few pounds yet again.

Undertaking CoolSculpting treatment in Illinois is safe, quick, and effective, on a multitude of different body types. The new science-based technology, developed by Massachusetts General Hospital in conjunction with the scientists at Harvard University, has managed to harness the well-known fact that fat doesn’t like the cold, and turn it into an effective treatment for people struggling to lose stubborn fat on their bodies.

*For SUPERIOR results, every assessment and treatment is performed by a physician or registered nurse.

What Do I Need to Know About CoolSculpting Treatment?

Many people are reluctant to believe that it’s possible to freeze fat away and undergo highly effective and safe weight loss in such a short period of time. Unlike many of the ‘miracle’ weight loss cures that so commonly emerge with little proof to their benefit, CoolSculpting treatment is based on scientific development and is proven to work. It is not a ‘miracle’ cure, but one that can aid your body in achieving a safe and healthy weight loss over time.

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The CoolSculpting treatment process consists of targeting the area of fat that is just underneath the skins’ surface. A small device is used to freeze the fat, then over time, it will begin to die, and naturally be ejected from the body. The whole procedure is relativity painless, so there is no need to use numbing cream or anesthetic. The CoolSculpting procedure is also completely non-invasive, so there are generally no severe symptoms or extensive recovery requirements after the treatment has taken place.


CoolSculpting treatment in Chicago is not for dramatic weight loss, it is designed to give you an extra hand with the removal of fat that is most stubborn. If you already have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, then CoolSculpting can help you to enhance your weight loss, working with your normal routine to deliver better results over time. While CoolSculpting treatment is not a replacement for dieting and exercise, it can help you to feel much better about your appearance, increasing your self-esteem and giving you that extra boost you need to get into shape.


CoolSculpting treatment is often chosen as an alternative to surgery as it helps to eliminate fat and shape the body in a much more natural way. Invasive surgery is normally a last resort for people who can’t manage to lose substantial weight themselves or are medically unable to do so. CoolSculpting isn’t invasive, instead offering a bit of extra assistance by freezing unwanted fat and effectively destroying it, so it can be naturally removed.


Chicago CoolSculpting - Body Sculpting Treatment BenefitsThe controlled cooling in CoolSculpting, targets fat and crystalizes it, so it will gradually begin die. This can deliver many benefits to multiple areas of the body where fat can be incredibly hard to remove. Sometimes, an area of the body may not have much fat, but it is difficult to eliminate effectively through regular exercise and dieting, making CoolSculpting treatment highly beneficial in giving the body the extra push it needs. Some of the areas that CoolSculpting treatment can be used to target, include:

  • The Flank and Abdomen
  • The Back
  • The Thigh
  • Under the Buttocks
  • The Upper Arm
  • The Submental Area
  • Bra Fat
  • The Chin

Is CoolSculpting the Right Treatment for Me?

If you have stubborn fat bulges in any of the areas that CoolSculpting treatment can target, then it can be a very effective and worthwhile treatment for you. The procedure is incredibly safe, and particularly beneficial to both men and women who have a healthy lifestyle and just want additional help with reducing their weight when they are close to their target weight – by about 20 pounds.

CoolSculpting treatment in Chicago is suitable for most people who are close to a healthy weight, although there are some existing conditions that could mean CoolSculpting treatment is not the right option for you. If you suffer from conditions like cold agglutinin disease or cryoglobulinemia, then there are other treatments that will be safer and more effective. Before any treatment, your physician in Illinois will discuss the treatment with you, and whether you are eligible for safe CoolSculpting.

What Is the Procedure for CoolSculpting?

Despite how beneficial the results of CoolSculpting treatment can be on various parts of your body, the treatment procedure is nowhere near as extensive as most people would expect. The treatment is straightforward, and normally lasts around an hour; depending on how much treatment is required and where on the body is being targeted.

Once the patient is comfortable, the CoolSculpting device, which is a small handheld machine, is positioned over the targeted area. The skin cells in the targeted area will then be pulled between the two cooling panels on the device; this isn’t a painful experience, but you will be able to feel a slight pressure, which shows that the machine is working properly.

During the course of the treatment, your CoolSculpting cosmetic specialist in Chicago will continue to target the areas of your body where you want the fat removed – cooling the soft tissue in each area in the most effective way possible. You may notice that fat is being brought to the surface during the treatment, which can be gently massaged by your physician until it disappears.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Sessions in ChicagoHow Long Does It Take to Recover After CoolSculpting Treatment?

One of the many reasons why CoolSculpting treatment is so popular, is that there is no downtime after the treatment for the majority of people. After the allotted treatment time, you will be able to return to your normal routine and maybe even return to work. You may experience a few mild symptoms after CoolSculpting treatment, due to the pressure of the CoolSculpting on the treated areas. Some of the main symptoms and side-effects, include:

  • Redness
  • Slight Discomfort
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Bruising

These side-effects will disappear very quickly and completely after treatment and are almost always very minor. If you have any concerns after treatment, then it’s important that you contact your Chicago CoolSculpting physician and discuss the problems immediately.

Is CoolSculpting Treatment Long-Lasting?

Many people are incredibly happy with the results after their first CoolSculpting treatment session in Chicago (Oakbrook Terrace, IL). It is possible for up to 30% of fat to be lost in the time following the initial treatment, which is enough for a lot of people to feel more confident in their appearance and continue losing the remainder of the weight themselves. This process does take time, and the results of CoolSculpting treatment will not be noticeable immediately after the treatment has taken place.

However, if you feel like more treatment would be of benefit, then you can discuss further treatments with your CoolSculpting physician at Kovak Cosmetic Center, located in Oakbrook Terrace. The overall results are long-lasting if you continue onwards with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Once the fat has been treated with CoolSculpting, it is very important that you try to avoid gaining any weight immediately, as this can stop the treatment being as effective as it could be.

Why Should I Choose the Kovak Cosmetic Center for CoolSculpting Treatment?

Our team at the Kovak Cosmetic Center are always striving to offer our customers the newest cosmetic procedures available, including the option of high-quality and effective CoolSculpting at one of our Chicago cosmetic centers. While CoolSculpting is no replacement to a healthy diet and regular exercise, we believe that the innovative new procedure can be of real benefit to those people who are struggling to shift the last few pounds in some of the most difficult areas of the body.

A Professional Treatment in a State of the Art Environment

Every member of the team at the Kovak Cosmetic Center takes great pride in the services that we are able to offer in our state of the art facilities. We are always up to date with the latest and most beneficial developments in cosmetic practices, with our team having an extensive knowledge of all areas of skin care. For a friendly, comfortable, and professional environment, that puts your health and wellbeing first, Kovak Cosmetic Center is the premier destination in Chicago for cosmetic procedures.

Experts in Modern CoolSculpting Treatments

Led by DR. Stanley Kovak, the team at Kovak Cosmetic Center is dedicated to delivering the best service for every customer. Our comprehensive service extends from the initial consultation where we will discuss the benefits of each of the treatments we believe can benefit you, to aftercare, where we always make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and that each treatment has the best chance of delivering the quality of results that you expect.

We understand that when it comes to the newer treatments that are available, like CoolSculpting, you can be apprehensive about the effectiveness of the procedure and whether it’s the right decision for you. When you choose to have a treatment at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, you are putting your trust in us, so we strive to make sure that you are never disappointed with the treatment results, always informing you beforehand of the expected results and the procedure.

To learn more about the revolutionary new CoolSculpting procedure, or to get more information about the high-quality surgical and non-surgical practices we have available at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, don’t hesitate to call our team today.


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