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Facelift surgery can help to revitalize the face, eliminating many of the common signs of aging to achieve a smoother, more youthful facial appearance in one or more areas of the face.

As the body ages, the years can often seem to influence the face more so than anywhere else on our bodies. Lifestyle choices, environmental impact, and the natural processes that our bodies go through, can all influence the way that our face looks and feels. This can all lead to an older facial appearance than what our minds really feel, shaking self-confidence, and making a person feel older than they actually are.

One of the leading ways to turn back the clock and rejuvenate facial appearance is facelift surgery, also referred to as rhytidectomy. Facelift surgery has been consistently placed amongst the top 10 cosmetic facial surgery procedures in America, being incredibly popular with both men and woman alike. The results of facelift surgery can not only make you look younger and refreshed, but increase your confidence, and improve your self-esteem.

The procedure for facelift surgery in Chicago has changed a lot over the years, with modern technology offering new and improved ways to make our faces feel and look better, without putting considerable strain on the face. Now, facelift surgery can enhance the look of your face in a natural way, making the procedure unnoticeable, but for the smoother, more relaxed appearance of the face; enabling people to feel younger, without artificial results.

Why Do People Have Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is a classic form of rejuvenating facial cosmetic surgery, which was first performed in 1901. Today, there are many reasons why a person may choose to undergo facelift surgery, often surrounding their desire to better reflect their own personality in their faces. To look and feel older before your time, can really deliver a knock to confidence, that facelift surgery can help to give back.

The reflection of age is very different on every person, and for those people who are suffering from sagging skin, deep lines, and droopy eyes, prematurely, facelift surgery offers an effective and safe way to reflect who you are on your face.


Contrary to what many people believe, facelift surgery doesn’t just target the skin on your face, but also the muscles and deep tissue. The main goal is to lift the skin up, remove any excess fat, and restore the muscles to the right levels, before tightening the area and then removing any excess skin. During this process it is also possible to return volume to the face with a process known as fat grafting, which can return vital volume to those areas of your face that need revitalizing.

There are different aspects of a facelift that target different areas of the face, such as a brow lift, which helps to rejuvenate and return volume to parts of the upper face. Each face lift is unique, with varying results depending on what patients want, and how different they want their appearance to be after facelift surgery in Oakbrook, Illinois.


If your confidence is being impacted by the look and feel of your face, you don’t like the appearance of sagging skin, your facial skin is losing its elasticity, or there are deep wrinkles on your skin, then a facelift may be one of the best options for you. However, it’s not the best option for everyone. Before suggesting facelift surgery in Oakbrook, your Chicago surgeon will talk with you about the alternative surgical and non-surgical treatments, like Botox or alternative dermal fillers, to see if you could benefit more from a different procedure also designed to make the face smoother, fresher, and younger-looking.

There are also different types of facelift surgery that focus on different areas of the face. Some patients decide to undergo a full facelift, while others will select one of the less-intensive surgeries, such as a:

  • Mini Facelift – This facelift does not cover the full face, instead focusing on areas like the neck, cheeks, and jaw. The surgery is less-intensive, and the recovery time is much shorter.
  • Thread Facelift – A thread facelift is much quicker than a full facelift, only making small alterations to the appearance of the face.
  • Lower Facelift – This type of facelift solely focuses on the lower face, helping to reduce the common signs of aging in areas like the mouth and jaw.
  • Mid Facelift – A mid facelift targets areas around the eyes and cheeks, creating contours and improving definition in the face.

Facelift surgery in Illinois is ideal for adults who are healthy, have a good strong bone structure, and who have natural skin elasticity. Health is important for a safe recovery from any surgical procedure, strong bone structure beneficial to support the surgery and enhance the results, while skin elasticity allows the skin to conform to the new look of your face.


Before you undergo facelift surgery it’s important to get a full understanding of what the procedure entails and prepare in advance for the surgery. During your consultation with your surgeon in Chicago, you will be fully informed about the surgery procedure, and will have opportunity to discuss which type of facelift surgery will be the most beneficial to you. You will also be advised to follow a number of instructions, to ensure that you are ready to have facelift surgery and be given advise as to the more practical preparations that you’ll need to make. These may include:

  • Make sure that you have transport from the clinic in Oakbrook.
  • Ensure that there is someone available to stay with you after surgery.
  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks befor the surgery date.
  • Avoid some medications, like anti-inflammatories and aspirin.
  • Avoid eating and drinking shortly before the surgery.

What Is the Procedure for Facelift Surgery?

It’s understandable to be apprehensive before any surgical procedure, but a facelift is normally straightforward, and your Illinois plastic surgeon will make sure that you are comfortable and well-informed beforehand. Depending on which type of facelift surgery you have decided to undertake, and which of the facelift techniques your surgeon in Oakbrook, Chicago is using, the procedure for facelift surgery will be slightly different.

Normally, the procedure will follow the same general steps, starting with the use of anesthesia, either general or local. Then your surgeon will perform the first incision, which will vary depending on where the surgery is being performed on your face. Tissue and fat from the face can then be redistributed if needed, excess skin can be removed, and the skin can be tightened, before the incisions closed.

The whole process can be very quick, taking as little as 2 to 3 hours, or be slightly longer if extensive surgery is required, such as in a full facelift with additional work. Once your surgery is over, your Chicago plastic surgeon will ensure that the incisions are treated and properly dressed, and make sure that you are comfortable.


As with any surgical procedure, you will experience some minor side-effects after surgery. These are completely normal, and usually nothing to be concerned about. Some of the common side-effects after a facelift, include:

  • Pain in the area of your face that was operated on.
  • A change in hairline.
  • Stiffness around the area.
  • Swelling and bruising around the area.
  • Numbness, particularly around the ears and cheeks.

The final side-effect that many people worry about after facelift surgery is scarring. There will always be some degree of scarring after a facelift surgery, but it’s often nowhere near as visible as most people think, and very often is incredibly small. Over time the scars will fade, and generally they are hidden behind hair, so are completely unnoticeable. If you find that your scar is not fading, then there are additional treatments and therapy that can help, which your Oakbrook plastic surgeon will advise you on if it becomes a concern.



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How Long Does It Take to Recover After a Facelift?

Normally, you can return home shortly after facelift surgery, but it is advised that you have someone to stay with for the first day and night at least. The day after the surgery, you will often be asked to return to the cosmetic clinic in Oakbrook for a change in dressings and a short assessment of the area.

The first week of recovery should involve rest and light stimulation; staying active but avoiding any strenuous exercise. Bandages should be changed on a regular basis, and the facial area should be looked after; avoiding wetting the face, but helping to alleviate post-surgery symptoms with ice packs. At the end of the first week your stitches will also be removed.

In the weeks following the facelift surgery in Oakbrook, the main side-effects of bruising and swelling will begin to subside, and your normal routine can start to return. It’s still advised to avoid certain things, like heavy exercise, make-up, and activities that leave the face very wet (saunas and swimming), until your surgeon in Illinois has given you the all clear.

In the months following your surgery, you should start to notice the results of the procedure – something that could take up to 9 months. You face will gradually start to look smoother, younger, and more relaxed; as the results become clearer.


No surgical procedure is without some risk, and while facelift surgery is normally highly successful and safe, there are some complications that can occur. Before you undergo facelift surgery in Illinois, your surgeon will discuss the potential complications with you. In very rare cases, the potential complications can include:

  • Surgical Infections
  • Unconcealed Scarring
  • A Reaction to Anesthesia
  • Hair Loss
  • Damage to Nerves
  • Hematoma


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Our dedicated approach to delivering the finest advanced cosmetic care in Illinois means that we never fail to give patients the care and attention that they truly deserve. We understand that making the decision to undergo facelift surgery is not an easy one, but we firmly believe in the benefits of such a transformational procedure, and not just the benefits to your appearance.

Being relieved of the worry over emerging wrinkles, sagging, and lost definition can really damage a person’s self-esteem, which is why we do everything in our power to enhance your natural beauty, giving you an appearance that you can be happy with.

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