Fat Transfer to Face in Chicago / Fat Injection

The surgical transfer of fat is one of the most natural and effective ways to enhance the volume and shape in different areas of your body – helping you to achieve a youthful and fresh appearance.

Fat transfer is a diverse and versatile professional surgical procedure, able to deliver exceptional results in various areas of the body. Also referred to as fat grafting or injections, the treatment is widely considered to be minimally invasive and highly effective at delivering a fresher, more youthful appearance.

The natural approach to reducing the common signs and symptoms of aging is highly preferred by many people for it’s ability to re-use fat found naturally in the body and repurpose it to help enhance the appearance of other areas of the body. This creates a highly natural end result, as the bodies own fat is being used instead of alternative substances reproduced to replicate the normal processes of the body.

By taking fat from where it isn’t needed and moving it to where it can be of the most benefit, the benefits of the duel procedure can be felt in more than one area of the body. The natural processes of fat transfer can deliver results, that whilst temporary, are a lot longer-lasting than many of the alternative forms of cosmetic enhancement surgery.


What Areas of the Body Can Benefit from a Fat Transfer?

Unlike most cosmetic filler treatments, the results of fat transfer procedures are not limited solely to the face. The diverse nature of fat transfer cosmetic surgery means that there are a lot of options open to patients for how they want the procedure to be done. Commonly, most people choose to have fat transferred to the hands, face, breasts, and buttocks; but fat can also be transferred to the hips, arms, calves, and sternum.

Just as multiple areas of the body can benefit from the natural volume and shaping that can be achieved with fat transfer surgery, the fat can be removed from multiple places on the body. The decision over where to remove the fat for transfer is something that can be discussed with your surgeon in Chicago during your consultation. Many people choose to have fat removed from their stomach or thighs, were the concentration of fat is generally higher.

What Makes a Fat Transfer Different to the Alternative Cosmetic Procedures?

There are multiple aspects of a fat transfer in Illinois that make it different to the alternative surgical and non-surgical procedures available. Primarily, it is the natural approach to achieving a fresher and more youthful appearance that makes a fat transfer the ideal choice for many patients. It also helps to remove stubborn fat from places of the body where fat is less desirable and put it to good use in areas of the body that are suffering from the signs of aging, such as sagging skin, more predominantly. This can help people to feel more confident in their appearance all-round, not just in the revitalization that some alternative treatments only offer to the face.

Why Do People Choose to Have a Fat Transfer?

One of the main reasons that people choose to have a fat transfer is to feel more confident in their own bodies by reducing the signs of aging. Over time, some areas of the body are subjected to harsher and more obvious aging, like in the face. This can mean that many people often look older than they feel, damaging their confidence and their self-esteem. By undergoing a fat transfer, not only are they eliminating some of that stubborn fat, but they get to add volume to their face and other parts of their body, shaping the area and reducing lines and wrinkles that have formed over the years. These procedures can be very diverse, from surgery to create a smooth and more youthful face, to contouring and shaping to create a perkier backside.

While anti-aging reasons are behind many people’s decisions to have a fat transfer, they are not the only reasons why fat transfer surgery in Oakbrook, Chicago are so beneficial. A fat transfer can also be undertaken for the following reasons:

  • Many marks and blemishes on the skin sustained through an injury can be reduced or eliminated through fat transfer surgery.
  • Scarring can also be reduced through fat transfer which helps to make the area smoother and firmer.
  • Any signs left over from surgery can often be addressed by fat transfer, giving the skin a fresher and tighter look and feel.

Is a Fat Transfer the Best Choice for Me?

For many people, fat transfer surgery in Illinois is the perfect temporary but long-lasting solution to sunken skin, creases on the skin, sagging skin, and depressions in the skin. The surgery can address and improve the look of many of the common signs of aging, as well as helping to re-define and contour different areas of the face. Most healthy adults find that they are eligible for a fat transfer and prefer the option of a natural filler to smooth out wrinkles or reshape their body.

However, choosing to undertake any cosmetic surgery in Chicago is a big decision, and one which should never be made lightly. To help you to decide if fat transfer is right for you going forwards, your Oakbrook surgeon will always have a full consultation with you, discussing the pros and cons of a fat transfer, the alternative treatments that may be more beneficial to you, and all your options for fat transfer surgery.


What Is the Procedure like for a Fat Transfer?

The procedure itself is relatively minor, but due to the complex nature of fat removal and re-use, it needs to be performed by an expert plastic surgeon with experience of the procedure. Most fat transfer surgical procedures are a three-step process that involve collecting the fat, preparing it, and transferring it to the desired area. This requires the use of either local or general anesthesia, and normally takes around 2 hours, depending on how extensive the fat removal and transfer is.

The initial process of removing the fat involves the same techniques used in standard liposuction. What makes the fat transfer surgery so complicated is the preparation and handling of the fat. To make sure that the fat retains its integrity and is suitable to re-use in other areas of the body, it needs to be carefully handled so that the fat cells stay alive. The remainder of the procedure involves the careful placement of the fat so that it achieves the desired level of volume, the skin becomes smoother, wrinkles are reduced, and the overall result looks highly natural.

What Side-Effects Should I Expect?

After fat transfer surgery, you’ll experience the natural side-effects of surgery on both of the surgery sites, due to this, careful consideration is needed when deciding where the best area of your body is to remove the fat initially. The normal side-effects you’ll experience after a fat transfer, include:

  • Numbness around the areas.
  • Bruising and swelling around the areas.
  • Incision scars (these are normally very small).
  • The loss of fat (around 65% will be reabsorbed into the body gradually in the months following the surgery)

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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Fat Transfer?

The recovery after a fat transfer is not as extensive as the recovery after some cosmetic surgical treatments in Chicago. Immediately after the surgery it will be advised that you don’t drive and avoid doing so until you are comfortable and have begun healing. You will likely feel a slight discomfort and maybe mild pain due to the side-effects of surgery, which should only last for around 2 weeks. During this time, it is advised to rest and not overexert, so you can recover fully from the surgery.

Going forwards, it may take around 6 months for you to fully notice the rejuvenating benefits of a fat transfer. Your skin will slowly begin to look smooth, and the texture may also start to change. Wrinkles, lines, and depressions in your skin will become visibly reduced, and the skin will look and feel tighter, have more volume and shape, and be plumper.

While the full results of a fat transfer take longer to appear than most cosmetic surgery options in Oakbrook, Illinois, the results can last much longer. They will not be permanent, and to retain the benefits further fat transfer surgery will be required, but they can be expected to last years in most cases.

Are There Any Fat Transfer Complications?

Undertaking any form of surgery comes with some potential complications that your plastic surgeon in Oakbrook will discuss with you during your initial consultation. Complications are often very rare, and not always serious, but it’s important to fully consider them before surgery. Some of the main potential complications, include:

  • Surgical Infection
  • Bleeding or Blood Clotting
  • Adverse Anesthesia Reaction
  • Hematoma
  • More Noticeable Scarring
  • Pneumothorax
  • Fat Tissue Death
  • Blood Vessel Blockage

Why Should I Choose the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Illinois?

If you’re considering having a fat transfer procedure in Illinois to enhance any part of your body, then the expert team of plastic surgeons and physicians at the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago can help. We know what a big decision it is to consider a fat transfer procedure, but we also know just how beneficial the treatment can be, both to enhance and revitalize your body and to make you feel more confident in your own appearance.

At the Kovak Cosmetic Center, we specialize in enhancing an individual’s natural beauty, giving them a helping hand in better reflecting their personality in the appearance of their body. You can’t always control how much aging is going to affect the appearance of your skin, but you can refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the right treatment performed by leading experts in the field.

The Perfect Combination of Expertise and Experience

When you choose the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Illinois to help you with your transformation, you are selecting an expert team who continually expand on their years of experience in the field of cosmetic procedures by adapting the latest advancements in cosmetic practice to consistently offer their customers more. The friendly and welcoming environment that greets you when you visit the Kovak Cosmetic Center is just the first step on your journey to feeling happier with your appearance, and regaining that youthful glow.

To enquire about the different types of fat transfer procedure we offer at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, or to learn more about our other services, please give our friendly professional team a call today.

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