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For a long-lasting, smoother complexion, and a reduction in the signs of aging, Juvederm offers a new approach to cosmetic facial treatment – delivering natural results to truly give you more confidence in your appearance.


Juvederm is one of the newest and most advanced dermal fillers available in the US, developed by the same company who created BOTEX Cosmetic. The dermal filler is becoming widely popular due to its ability to reduce the signs of aging in a very quick and effective way. Juvederm lasts longer than many of the alternative cosmetic treatments available, helping to drastically improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging or environmental and lifestyle skin damage.

Juvederm is primarily hyaluronic acid-based, which is a substance that is found in the body naturally as a form of sugar. Hyaluronic acid is one of the substances responsible for giving the skin a youthful appearance, alongside elastin and collagen. Juvederm is one of the safest and most effective dermal fillers on the market, able to assist in the reduction of the signs of aging in patients of every skin color and type, whether your skin is dry or oily.

A truly standout addition to the dermal filler market, Juvederm is produced using a propriety, which is a revolutionary manufacturing process. The end result of a cosmetic treatment with Juvederm is an incredibly natural feeling and looking transformation, where the skin is smooth, and wrinkles are visibly reduced. The Hylacross technology used to develop Juvederm gives it a distinctive smooth gel appearance, which is much more malleable in application than some dermal fillers, allowing for a complete facial transformation.

How Does Juvederm Compare to Other Cosmetic Treatments?

As a relatively new product to be introduced to cosmetic treatments, there is a lot of curiosity surrounding this exciting biocompatible product – and what makes it stand out from the other cosmetic treatments that are available.

What makes Juvederm so special is its composition, with the hyaluronic acid in high concentration. There is an extensive list of reasons why Juvederm is so beneficial as a cosmetic treatment, with many reasons being attributed to the naturally occurring properties of hyaluronic acid. Normally, the naturally forming sugar is partly responsible for keeping your skin elasticated, it helps to hydrate the skin, make it firm, and keep it looking plump. By using Juvederm, instead of some alternative cosmetic treatments, it can be possible to achieve a much more natural result which gives the skin a healthy glow and a smoother look and feel.


Juvederm is a facial cosmetic treatment that alleviates the skin of the signs and symptoms of aging, corrects folds and wrinkles in the skin, and creates a smooth look and feel by providing volume to the face. It is also commonly used to bring moisture back into the lips, resulting in lips that look fuller and appear refreshed in a very short amount of time.

There are different kinds of Juvederm treatments that can be performed in Chicago. The treatments are able to specifically enhance different areas of the face individually, achieving a high-quality and tailored treatment to deliver a youthful and smooth look and feel in the area of your face that you most want to see a transformation.

The different types of Juvederm products are specifically designed to target the nasolabial folds, cheeks, lips, and mouth individually. Before you undergo Juvederm treatment, your physician in Illinois will advise you on which Juvederm product will be best suited to your needs.


If you’re considering cosmetic aesthetic treatment in Oakbrook, Chicago, then Juvederm is one of the best options available. Juvederm offers amazing results in a very small amount of time, with no limitations for skins types or colors. This makes it a fantastically versatile option for those looking for a temporary improvement to their facial appearance. Juvederm is an ideal option for any individual that wants a temporary reprieve from lines, scars, lack of volume, and wrinkles on their face.

The decision to undergo Juvederm treatment is very personal, but the specialist composition of Juvederm means that unlike some of the alternative cosmetic non-surgical treatments, it does not put as many limitations on who can have the treatment. There are a few existing conditions, such as keloid formations, that may mean Juvederm is not the best option for you. Before any treatment is suggested, an initial consultation with your physician will assess whether you are an eligible candidate for Juvederm treatment; this consultation can help to prevent any adverse effects.


Most people who choose to have Juvederm treatment in Chicago don’t find the experience painful. The injections can cause a mild discomfort for some patients, but the experience is very short-lived. There are a number of ways that your Oakbrook physician can help the injections to be more comfortable, such as through the use of numbing cream or a local anesthetic before the procedure is undertaken. This can help to make the experience more comfortable for some patients, allowing them to relax without worry over pain.



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The Juvederm treatment procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and highly effective. Treatment starts by identifying where in the face that the Juvederm needs to be injected and marking the spots on the skin. Pain relief in the form of anesthetic or numbing cream may then be applied to make the treatment easier and more relaxing. When you are ready, your physician will inject the Juvederm into each of the areas in your face that you have decided to have treatment in.

This process can take anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour; this can depend on how much treatment is required and where the injections are needed. Once the Juvederm has been injected, the physician will massage the treated areas of your face, which will make sure that the Juvederm is distributed correctly and evenly throughout the face.


One of the main benefits of using Juvederm, is that the first results can be seen immediately after treatment. The treated areas of your face will likely be smooth, fresher, and more defined, shortly after the treatment has been finished. While you can see some of the results immediately, your physician may suggest that you return a couple of weeks after treatment to ensure that the Juvederm results are as they should be, and that you are happy with the outcome of the treatment.


It’s possible that you will experience some symptoms after Juvederm treatment, due to the injection process; this is a similar case with most cosmetic procedures and is nothing to worry about. Many of these side-effects are very common and can be alleviated with regular use of an ice pack and the avoidance of certain medications for a couple days, like ibuprofen. Most symptoms will subside quickly but should not last more than a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Common symptoms that can occur straight after Juvederm treatment, include:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Itching
  • Pain around the treated area
  • Lumps in the skin (which can often be treated by massaging the area)
  • Tenderness and redness
  • Discoloration

After you have undertaken Juvederm treatment in Illinois, your physician will advise you not to consume alcoholic beverages, exercise extensively, expose your face to direct sunlight, or add any potentially harmful products to the treated area of your face for a short period of time after treatment. By adhering to the advice, your recovery can be much quicker, and you won’t run the risk of making the treatment less effective by disturbing the treated area.


Juvederm treatment in Illinois is a temporary cosmetic procedure, but one that offers some of the longest lasting results amongst dermal fillers. Normally you can expect that the results will not completely fade until around 9 to 12 months after the treatment was undertaken. This time frame can change from person to person, depending on a number of factors, such as the absorption rate of the hyaluronic acid, which can vary significantly between different people. The rate at which the hyaluronic acid is absorbed will generally be the rate at which the Juvederm results fade, which is a process that will happen gradually over time. To prevent the treatment results from fading completely, additional treatment will be required, undertaken at a rate that you can discuss with your physician after your initial Juvederm treatment.

Why Is the Kovak Cosmetic Center the Best Place to Go in Illinois?

The team at the Kovak Cosmetic Center have exceptional experience with multiple different forms of the best and most advanced dermal fillers on the market, including the correct and most effective use of Juvederm. We believe in the excellent capabilities of Juvederm as a leading dermal filler which has already been proven to deliver consistently remarkable results on patients with vastly different skin types – offering a safe procedure with a natural finish when used by an expert in cosmetic practices.

Modern Facilities for Your Ultimate Comfort

Our professional team at the Kovak Cosmetic Center is led by Dr. Stanley Kovak, an expert in the field of skin care, and a firm believer in creating a family-centric friendly environment for every customer. By choosing the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Oakbrook, Chicago, you are choosing not just qualified experts in cosmetic practices, but a team that truly cares about delivering the best results in a modern environment designed for your comfort and continued wellbeing.

We understand how hard it can sometimes be to finally take the plunge and seek help with rejuvenating your skin. If you decide that Juvederm is the right cosmetic treatment for you or select one of our other professional surgical or non-surgical treatments, then we will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring that you know the ins and outs of the procedure, and that all your needs are met.

To learn more about the benefits of Juvederm or get further information about the dermal fillers we have available at the Kovak Cosmetic Center you can call our friendly team at any time.


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