Non-surgical and surgical lip augmentation procedures are designed to give your lips a fuller appearance, enhancing the look and feel of your face.

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Revolutionary new technology and developments in surgical procedures mean that it is now easier than ever before to revitalize your face and give extra volume to your lips to make them appear fuller and healthier. Having full lips can completely transform the entirety of your face, reducing the signs of aging by helping to make mouth lines less prominent and give people a confident smile.

Where can i get lip fillers in Chicago

THE BENEFITS OF lip augmentation/lip filler TREATMENTS

The types of lip augmentation procedure are very varied, catering to different skin types and patient requirements. It’s possible to achieve fuller and plumper looking lips in a very short amount of time with or without surgery. The treatments are normally minimally invasive, relatively pain free, and capable of delivering exceptional results in adults of all ages.

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As the body ages, the protein, collagen, is not produced in such high quantities. Collagen is partially responsible for giving lips the full and voluminous appearance, so over time, the lips start to become thinner and less pronounced. The reduction in elastin production, which makes the skin elastic, and hyaluronic acid production, which binds moisture, also can have a negative effect on the appearance of the lips.

WHAT IS lip augmentation/lip filler

Lip augmentation surgery and non-surgical lip augmentation are very different procedures, but each similarly beneficial in the way that they can cause a full facial transformation. At the Kovak Cosmetic Center, we have the expertise and experience to perform both procedures using the latest techniques and equipment available.


IS lip augmentation RIGHT FOR ME?

A concern that many people have when considering lip augmentation is that the result won’t look natural, and it will be obvious that a procedure had been done. However, one of the biggest benefits of a non-surgical lip augmentation through the use of a hyaluronic acid filler is that the physician in Illinois will have full control over the end result. The amount of filler injected can determine to what the extent volume added is, and how much the lines around the mouth are reduced. Your Chicago plastic surgeon will create a seamless transition, making the skin smoother, more youthful, and fresher, whilst still ensuring that the results look completely natural, leaving your face looking and feeling tighter and more relaxed, and your lips plumper.

Most healthy adults can undergo non-surgical lip augmentation treatment without any worry, especially since there are multiple different types of dermal filler available to suit a vast range of people. Before your Illinois plastic surgeon advises that a dermal filler is used, they will check to make sure that you have no allergies that could cause adverse effects during treatment.

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