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The Sciton Halo laser treatments provides a wide array of aesthetic procedures available from a single system.

Kovak Cosmetic Center – Sciton Laser Halo Treatments

Sciton Halo is the new standard for the treatment of many skin conditions using laser energy. Your Medical Aesthetician will precisely treat visible vessels and broken capillaries associated with spider veins and telangiectasia, although all skin areas can be treated, including the face, neck, chest and legs.

At Kovak Cosmetic Center we are proud to bring the very latest in cutting edge procedures to our patients, using the newest technology in the field. Sciton Halo is an exciting new type of treatment that delivers outstanding results and is now available to all our Chicago patients.

Sciton Laser Halo Treatments – What Are They?

Describing the Sciton Laser Halo treatment as truly transformative wouldn’t be any exaggeration; it’s a very new type of technology that’s set to revolutionize the industry. Aestheticians are now able to offer much greater effectiveness for a wider range of treatments, making beautiful skin achievable for everyone. Halo is a hybrid fractional laser that’s been created by Sciton that can rejuvenate tired-looking skin, restoring the youthful luster and glow. Halo delivers a skin-resurfacing treatment which helps to counteract the aging process. Additionally, Halo does far more than simply reversing the signs of aging, it can also correct a wide range of skin imperfections and blemishes. Our aesthetician can tailor the treatment to the needs of your skin, giving you a personalized result that’s truly outstanding. 

Halo can treat spider veins and visible blood vessels, spots, uneven tone, sun damage and much more. The level of skin repair that can be provided by Halo far surpasses anything available from previous lasers. Previous lasers simply couldn’t deliver the same level of skin repair due to treatments being either too shallow or too deep. With the ability to get precision results, Halo offers a solution for anyone with blemished or damaged skin. 

Sciton Laser Halo Treatments – How They Work

Halo is a very different kind of laser, which is known as a hybrid fractional laser. This means it is able to produce both non-ablative and ablative wavelengths as necessary. If you’re not familiar with laser treatment, this combination is extremely important. To put it in simpler terms, an ablative laser works in a similar way to what an aerator does for a lawn. Targeting minute pathways in the face, it leaves the surrounding skin untouched. By contrast, a non-ablative laser heats up the cells but doesn’t destroy them, creating imperceptible little injuries to the surface of the skin. It’s this action which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.   

As a general rule, ablative lasers are more invasive and designed to correct more severe issues with the skin such as acne scarring, aging and skin lesions. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive and achieve results in a different way. 

The Sciton Laser Halo treatment works by punching depressions into the skin microscopically before heating these up. These actions allow the laser to zone in on both the dermis and the epidermis, enabling a range of corrective actions to be performed. The results are simply phenomenal and far better than a laser which relies on ablative or non-ablative alone. 


To stimulate the production of collagen, the substance needed to help combat wrinkles, it’s necessary to injure the cells in a superficial way. The end result of this can be outstanding but with conventional lasers, the recovery period can be uncomfortable. 

The Sciton Halo Laser provides a totally new type of post-treatment experience, without the rawness for several days. Previous lasers could leave the skin looking very sore and noticeably red for many days, with patients hiding away to recover. 

You won’t have any of the same noticeable effects with Halo, and there’s no downtime needed after a treatment. If you have always longed for smoother, radiant, younger-looking skin but didn’t want to endure the recovery, Halo is the solution.  

The Procedure

The procedure for having Sciton Laser Halo treatments is remarkably simple. The aesthetician may arrange for special photos of your face to be taken first. This allows an accurate assessment of the damage enabling us to plan the optimum treatment to get the best results. We adjust the laser to produce the right type of treatment for your skin. 

To prepare your face to receive the treatment you’ll need to ensure it’s completely clean and free of any cosmetics or moisturizers. We will then prep your skin by applying a cooling and numbing treatment to minimize any discomfort you may otherwise experience. Once the laser is switched on, we will provide you with special eyewear to protect your eyes against any potential damage. 

A full face treatment usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Even if certain areas of your skin are being targeted, the aesthetician will treat your full face to ensure the results are beautifully uniform. Following the treatment your skin may feel as if it’s been exposed to the sun and may look a little pink. 

You will receive post-treatment instructions from the aesthetician but generally you can apply cosmetics once 24 hours have passed. 

The Results

The results you can expect from the Halo treatment far surpass what you may have received from any other type of laser treatment to the skin. With just a single dose of Halo your skin will look the same as if it had undergone six months of treatments with traditional lasers. 

Many patients get optimum results by undergoing three separate Halo treatments, but your aesthetician will advise you on what’s best for your skin. It may take some time for the full impact of the treatment to be seen; this is due to the process of cell rejuvenation and renewal. We recommend having at least one Halo treatment per year to maintain the results. 

Sciton Laser Halo Treatments – FAQ

Q: What will it feel like?

With the cooling technology contained within the Halo laser combined with the numbing cream we apply, most patients report that they feel very little during the treatment. You may notice a warming experience on your skin with the very occasional prickle but no real discomfort or pain. 

Q: How is the treatment administered?

We will apply a numbing cream to your skin 30-60 minutes before the treatment. This provides a numbing and cooling effect to minimize any potential discomfort. You can relax while the cream takes effect. Once the treatment is about to start, we’ll provide you with some protective eyewear. During the laser treatment, the aesthetician will simply roll it over the skin on your face, focusing on the targeted areas. The system recognizes when the treatment is complete so there’s no chance of delivering a dose that’s too high in any particular skin area.  

Q: How many sessions will I need?

Your aesthetician will be able to advise the number of sessions needed to deliver optimum results but for most people, three sessions are recommended. 

Q: What types of skin conditions can the Halo treat? 

This type of laser treatment can provide outstanding results for many different types of skin conditions. These include spider veins, sun damage, enlarged pores, aging, wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone and imperfections. It will also make your skin look more radiant and youthful, so provides a benefit for all types of skin. 

Q: Will I need to refrain from any activities after my Halo laser treatment?

Your skin will need to be protected for the first 24 hours after you have your treatment but your aesthetician will provide you will full details about this. You will notice some peeling during the first 24 hours. After this first day, you can wear cosmetics again if you so choose. Your skin will fully peel by the third or fourth day, revealing the new skin underneath. 

Q: How quickly will I see the results of my treatment?

It usually takes skin 2-5 days to begin to recover from the treatment and to show the first signs of improvement. After this, your skin will continue to look even better, with a radiant glow and a smoother appearance. The greatest improvement in your pigment is typically seen in the first 2-3 weeks but your skin will carry on regenerating in the following few months too. 

Q: Is the Halo laser better than other types of laser treatments?

It is common for modern lasers to be able to offer adjustments in the wavelengths to produce better treatments. However, where the Halo laser really stands out is its ability to produce two different wavelengths at the same time. The Halo delivers the transformative results of an invasive ablative laser but with the recovery period of a non-ablative laser. This is one of the huge benefits which sets it apart from other types of laser treatments currently available. 

Q: How long will the results of my Halo laser treatment last?

The results you’ll receive from the Halo treatment/s you have will be long-lasting but it’s highly advisable to protect your skin from the sun. Your new skin will be healthier and more radiant and to preserve this luster, using a high-factor sunscreen is recommended. A yearly Halo session to preserve the results is also advised. 


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