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ThermiSmooth Body treatment is an innovative top of the line technological therapy that revitalizes and smooths sagging skin without the need for surgery and the presence of pain or recovery periods.

No doubt, aging takes a toll on all bodies, and it can leave people with lower self-esteem and self-confidence, negatively influencing daily lives. If you seek to eliminate the effects of aging and stress, ThermiSmooth Body treatment is the answer you need.

ThermiSmooth is becoming more popular every day due to its rejuvenating effects without the need for surgery. With a reputation of being one of the safest, most desirable, and comfortable treatments available, ThermiSmooth is becoming the number one cosmetic therapy for those wanting younger and tighter skin. At Kovak Cosmetic center, we offer ThermiSmooth treatments for both the face and the Body.

What is ThermiSmooth Body

Thermismooth Body is a carefully regulated, non-invasive, laser body contouring treatment that uses a radio radiofrequency generation applicator “pen” to send energy into the dermis. Without breaking the surface of the delicate skin, heat is applied to the dermis, activating collagen production, which is lacking within the Body and burdening you with loose and sagging skin. This process allows body contouring to happen naturally without the need for injections or surgery.

With the large Thermismooth Body treatment devices, multiple body areas can be treated in one session. During the sessions, the targeted areas will be aimed to restore elasticity, smoot, and firm the skin, all while giving you a natural and more youthful appearance. The treatment is painless and can be a mini spa day as the experience is known to feel like a nice, warm, and relaxing massage. The most common areas of the Body ThermiSmooth Body treats are:

  • Chest, breasts, and arms
  • Abdomen, flanks, and back
  • Hips, buttocks, and thighs
  • Knees, calves, and ankles
thermismooth body contouring & body scultping in chigago

The Thermismooth Body Process: What Happens During the Consultation and Treatments

Suppose you are in search of clearer and firmer skin without going through the pain and suffering of surgery. In that case, you need to consider coming into Kovak Cosmetic Center for a consultation. During your consultation, your doctor will examine the areas you want to target and determine whether ThermiSmooth Body is the right option for you. If yes, your doctor will create an advanced treatment plan explaining to you the entire procedure, how many sessions you will need, and answer any questions you have.

During the procedure, you will lay back and relax. Your doctor will apply a small amount of gel to the targeted area, select the correct temperature, and start the body skin tightening treatment. A specially-designed thermistor-regulated handpiece will pass over the targeted areas in a circular motion while ThermiSmooth Body analyzes the skin and self sets the temperature needed for ultimate skin tightening results. As one of the best non-surgical body contouring treatments, this process is entirely painless. After about 5 minutes, the doctor will focus attention on another body contour target area and continue the same process.

Thermismooth Body Contouring


ThermiSmooth® Body is a body contouring process that targets the areas under the skin, providing a temporary decrease of cellulite. A series of soothing sessions are performed over 6-8 weeks for optimal results of skin tightening.

About ThermiSmooth Body

Throughout our lives, the body undergoes immense changes. Things like aging, weight loss, childbirth, damaged skin, and unhealthy lifestyles can leave the skin devastated, ugly, and deformed, taking away from the natural beauty that is held within. During your ThermiSmooth Body procedure, you will receive the best laser skin tightening treatment offered.

The depletion of vital skin components like collagen directly affects your body’s image. Collagen is the direct substance underneath your skin that gives it strength and structure. Collagen deficiency results in sagging skin and cellulite. With the depletion of collagen, your body will look unhealthy and older. You shouldn’t have to live with a body that you despise; you deserve to be happy and recreate the look that you desire. Due to the abundance of laser treatments, over the counter products, and other non-invasive skin therapies, surface restoration has been made possible. But, nothing stands out quite like ThermiSmooth Body.

thermi smooth body contouring treatments & Body Sculpting in Chicago

Who is a Candidate for ThermiSmooth Body Treatment?

ThermiSmooth Body was designed to help all of those living in a constant battle with the way their body looks. We at Kovak Cosmetic Center strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel incredible in their own skin, and ThermiSmooth Body can help tighten and firm your skin, giving you a gorgeous and stunning appearance. ThermiSmooth Body Treatment is available for women and men alike who:

  • Do not want to undergo the pain and stress of a surgical procedure.
  • Need to see improvement in the laxity of their skin.
  • Under no circumstances, want to go through multiple treatments.
  • Have multiple areas to be treated, and surgery is not an option.
  • Loss of self-confidence due to their appearance
  • Want to have quick and lasting results
  • Want to continue their daily lives like normal after the procedure
  • Desire a carefully crafted and youthful body

If you look in the mirror every day and see an image that you are not happy with, you deserve to have better. Your body is the most important thing you have; hiding it due to an unattractive appearance is not fair to you. You have earned the right to be comfortable in your own skin and to show off your body proudly. At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we want to be a part of your journey. Do not hesitate to contact us today and book your consultation for ThermiSmooth Body Treatment!

Is a ThermiSmooth Body Treatment Painful?

ThermiSmooth Body is extremely comfortable. So relaxing that during the procedure, some patients even fall asleep. At first, it may seem like a weird sensation, but after a few minutes, you will begin to feel the laser’s warmth alongside a light vibration. Depending on the specific area being treated, you may be asked to shave before the procedure, so the device has an ultimate connection with your skin.

There is no downtime following ThermiSmooth® BODY treatments. Unlike surgical and other body contouring treatments, you will feel just like yourself the moment you step out of the building. This attractive treatment option allows you to get back to doing the things you love while your body is working to develop tighter and firmer skin. All you have to do is relax and let your body do all of the work!

Results to Expect With ThermiSmooth Body

The most pressing question when undergoing any non-surgical body contouring treatment is what you should expect. ThermiSmooth Body is designed to treat multiple regions of the body to provide a new and fresher look. ThermiSmooth Body

  • Rejuvenates treatment areas
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin
  • Tightens skin on the neck, chest, breasts, arms, abdomen, flanks, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles.
  • Stimulates the body’s natural process of collagen

At Kovak Cosmetic Center, you can expect nothing but the best and most trained hands to help you achieve the body you dream of having. Be confident and be bold with Kovak Cosmetic Center today!

How Long Does it Take To See Results and How Long Does ThermiSmooth Body Last?

Each patient’s body is unique in its own way, and some people see results faster. After each ThermiSmooth Body treatment, you may begin to see your skin tightening immediately, but usually, the treatment’s full effect takes place about 1-2 months down the line. There is no specific timeline for when you will see results, but at Kovak Cosmetic Center, we guarantee that you wait to have the body you desire will pass in no time.

With constant check-ups and treatments, you will see your skin’s elasticity and firmness lasting for long periods of time. As long as you follow your doctor’s recommendations, you will never have to go back to having unattractive and irritating loose skin.

Contact Kovak Cosmetic Center for More Information Regarding the Revolutionary ThermiSmooth Body Contouring System

At Kovak, we want nothing less than to assist our clients in any way possible. You deserve the body that you desire, and there is no reason that you shouldn’t have it. So, if you are looking for a more youthful, glowing, and stunning body, do not hesitate to contact Kovak Cosmetic Center today and learn more about how ThermiSmooth Body will change your life forever!


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