Volbella Lip Injection Treatments

Volbella is tailored to add subtle volume to the lips and smooth the appearance of vertical lip lines.

Volbella a new lip-injection gel that uses a mixture of hyaluronic acid said to last a full year — way longer than other injectables on the market. The injectable gel filler can turn back the clock on many common signs of aging by correcting perioral lines and enhancing lip plumpness all in a single appointment.

Volbella is one of a large collection of Juvederm fillers – the most popular dermal filler collection in the world! To get more information about Volbella injections in Chicago, or any of the other fillers in the Juvederm range, contact the friendly Kovak Cosmetic Center team today.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Volbella?

If you desire plumper lips, a more defined lip line, and smoother lines and wrinkles around your mouth, Volbella could be the perfect filler treatment for you. Volbella is specifically designed to deliver long-lasting smoothness to vertical lines and enhance the volume of lips, all while maintaining a natural-looking appearance and making the skin softer.

Much like other dermal fillers, Volbella isn’t suitable for patients under 21 years of age and for people who suffer from severe allergies, lidocaine allergies and hyaluronic allergies. People who take blood thinning medication, who are pregnant and who have skin sores near the injection site are also unsuitable candidates for Chicago Volbella injections.
To get more information about good candidates for Volbella, please get in touch with Kovak Cosmetic Center to book a consultation with our expert physicians.

The Volbella Procedure

There are two main parts of the Volbella injection procedure: the injection of the filler and a light massage to distribute the filler evenly. Your doctor will make sure that your skin is clean before the procedure and that you’re comfortable throughout. The injections typically take 15-60 minutes, depending on the number of injections required, the injection area and whether numbing cream is applied. During a consultation prior to the treatment, you’ll be able to discuss the procedure in detail, your suitability for Volbella and the results you hope to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volbella

How soon will I see the results of Volbella?
The results of Volbella injections, like all Juvederm treatments, will be noticeable immediately after the procedure.

How long does Volbella last?
Volbella injections provide temporary improvements to the plumpness of lips and increase the smoothness of skin around the mouth for up to a year.

Will Volbella injections hurt?

Thanks to the presence of lidocaine in Volbella XC, pain during the injections is greatly reduced. It may also be possible to further reduce discomfort during the procedure with the application of a numbing cream.

Contact Kovak Cosmetic Center for Volbella Treatment in Chicago

Volbella is an excellent choice of dermal filler for a visible but natural-looking improvement to the smoothness and plumpness of your lips and skin. Get in touch with the cosmetic experts at Kovak Cosmetic Center today to discuss your options for Volbella treatment in Chicago and to learn more about the popular, minimally invasive treatment.


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