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A birthmark is a benign irregularity on the skin which is present at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month. The most effective method for removing a particular birthmark is dependent on its type, its location, the age of the patient, and other factors. A dermatologist can recommend the most appropriate treatment.

What Are the Different Types of Birthmarks?

Unknown to many, there are many different types of birthmarks that come in all shapes and sizes. Birthmarks are defined by two categories; they are vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. 

Vascular birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are caused by an unusual development of blood vessels. These marks are not related to birth defects or something that a mother does during pregnancy. Vascular birthmarks can range from a pinkish to a dark purple color. They can be elevated or flat and vary in size. There are different types of vascular birthmarks which can include: 

Port-wine stain

Named after its dark purplish color, port white stain birthmarks develop from an unusual growth of small blood cells. They usually are located on the face and neck. The abnormal development is caused by one specific gene and can mutate, though the cause is still unknown. Port-wine stain marks can be linked to other medical conditions and require close monitoring by health care providers. Though usually harmless, they can develop over a wide area and can decrease self-esteem, especially within children and teens. 

Salmon patch

These birthmarks are pink or red caused by a group of blood vessels. Salmon patches are common and usually found around the eye and on the back of the neck. Luckily, these types of birthmarks are not dangerous and fade over time. 


If you have a bright red, pink, or bluish birthmark on your extremities, head, or neck, it might be a hemangioma. Over time Hemangioma marks can either fade or become raised. If this type of mark develops rapidly, especially within infants, it can cause difficulty breathing and possible vision impairment. If multiple hemangiomas are identified, they need to be removed. 

Pigmented birthmarks

These are a result of the overproduction or lack of melanin in the skin. They can range from pink to black in color. In rare cases, the pigmented birthmarks cause lesions with damaged pigment cells. If this happens, it can create lighter skin than that of the normal color of the skin on the body. They can appear elevated or flat. 

irthmark Removal - Laser Treatment Services in Chicago

Birthmark Removal Laser Treatments in Chicago

Is it possible to remove birthmarks?

Getting anything removed from your body can be concerning and scary, but birthmark removal is, in fact, a very safe and simple procedure. Typically done through the use of laser or light therapy, birthmark removal is recommended for fast-growing vascular birthmarks as soon as they are identified. Suppose a birthmark does indeed grow and develop over time, becoming harmful to the body or the self-esteem of the person. In that case, removal for cosmetic reasons can be completed at any age. At Kovak Cosmetic Center, there are different ways of removing birthmarks depending on the type. Birthmark removal treatments in Chicago include: 

  • Laser therapy: One of the most common forms of treatment for birthmark removal in Chicago, this type of procedure can treat many different types of birthmarks. 
  • Surgical removal: This treatment is particularly for raised or excessive birthmarks and requires the use of surgical tools to remove the mark from the skin. 
  • Light therapy: Similar to laser therapy, light therapy birthmark removal is typically used for flat birthmarks. It can also be used for those suffering from acne, scars, age spots, and freckles. 

Birthmark Removal FAQs

Does birthmark removal hurt? 

It all depends on the type of birthmark you have and the best treatment to remove it. Some procedures can cause discomfort but more so in young children. If worried about pain, patients can be given local anesthesia to numb the pain. There is very little downtime required; the skin takes about one week to fully heal but shouldn’t take away from your day-to-day life. 

How does laser birthmark removal work?

Thanks to the advancements in laser technology and the cosmetic surgery world, laser therapy is now becoming more the go-to approach for birthmark removals. During treatment, a laser focused on targeting the pigment cells will break them down into fragments allowing for the body to naturally remove them using the body’s immune system. After a few sessions, the birthmark will eventually fade away into nothing. 

Birthmark Removal in Chicago with Kovak Cosmetic Center

What can I expect from birthmark removal in Chicago with Kovak Cosmetic Center? 

If you have noticed a birthmark on your body that you are either concerned about or is diminishing your self-confidence, contact Kovak Cosmetic Center immediately. Your specialist will identify the birthmark and create a personalized treatment plan to remove it.


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