Dark brown spots on the skin  (also known as sunspots, liver spots, lentigines, dark spots, etc.) Can often be caused by aging and high exposure to the sun. The most effective and quickest way to eliminate these spots is by laser therapy with Kovak Cosmetic Center. These laser skin treatments have little to no downtime after the treatment, and the procedure is completely non-invasive.

How to get rid of brown spots in Chicago


At Kovak Cosmetic Center boast unique laser treatment plans that are customized to each patient, their brown spots, and particular case. No two patients are the same, and that is why each person who chooses us for brown spot removal in Chicago gets a customizable experience tailored to them and their needs.

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Laser Skin Treatment for Dark Spots – Before & AfterDark & Brown spot removal services in Chicago Skin Laser Treatments Oakbrook IL


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Laser Removal of Black & Brown SKIN Spots  

(Face, Neck, & Body)

Get rid of brown & dark spots in Chicago IL


At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we use the Photoderm laser for the quick and painless removal of Brown spots on the body. Photoderm is a game-changing treatment option that can help correct various skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections and the signs of aging.  Photoderm applies pulses of infrared light to the skin; then the light is absorbed by the skin, creating warmth. Irregularities like brown spots will naturally absorb light, and the brown and red-pigmented cells alongside the skin tissue surrounding the brown spots will become warmer. This natural heat process will cause the cells to be reabsorbed by the body, and eventually, the spots will fade away. 

As an added bonus, the effect of heating the skin through the Photoderm laser will also target the deeper layers of collagen. Once this happens, the natural production of collagen will take place, and with it, a firmer, younger, and healthier complexion. So not only will you remove those ugly brown spots, you will be able to truly feel like yourself again with glowing, beautiful skin. 



Laser Treatments for Brown Spot Removal Hurt? 

Most patients who choose Kovak Cosmetic Center for laser treatments do not experience high levels of pain when undergoing dark/brown spot removal. Because we use a laser, cool air is accompanied during the procedure to soothe the area. Most patients describe the feeling as an intense “flick” to the skin. If you are concerned about the pain during your treatment, ask your specialist about the possibility of applying an anesthetic cream to numb the area. 

When Will I See Results? 

Each patient and their brown spots are unique in their own way, so there is no definite timeline. Most patients do see immediate results, but in some cases, they see results once redness and peeling have gone away. As the skin continues to heal itself, it may take up to 6 months for the spots to completely go away, but directly after the treatment, they will become almost unnoticeable. 

How Long Does it Take To Recover After Treatment?

 Most patients finish their treatment and get back to continue on with their activities and work as nothing happened. The area that was treated may have a bit of swelling or redness, but nothing too intense. Though you don’t have to take many precautions, the major one is to not be in direct sunlight for too long during the time you are recovering. Ask your specialist about your recovery time and things to avoid after your treatment. 

Chicago Dermatologist Treatment Plans for Dark Spots – (Face, Neck, & Body)

Though laser treatment options for dark and brown spots are highly recommended by experts across the country, dermatologists also recommend and can perform treatments such as: 


A dermatologist will use a particular device with an abrasive surface to remove the outer layer of the skin. This treatment not only removes the dark spots but also produces collagen growth. 


This procedure involves applying liquid nitrogen to the dark spots to freeze them. This will damage the negative skin cells, and the dark spots will fade away. 

Prescription skin-lightening cream

An effective but timely treatment is skin-lightening cream. This essentially works by bleaching the skin. This process can take up to several months to significantly remove the dark spots. 

The Consequences of Leaving Dark Spots Untreated

remove black, brown spots in ChicagoDark/brown spots do not pose any real risk to the overall health of the body, but they can be mistaken for signs of growth. Because brown spots are caused by aging and high exposures to the sun, brown spots can be mistaken for skin cancer. That is why you should monitor your spots for any changes that may appear; if you notice any, contact a medical professional right away. 

Ongoing Treatment to Prevent Dark Spots

Though there are many different treatments to help keep your skin looking amazing and healthy, we strongly recommend HydraFacial Chicago. This unique treatment cleans, nourishes, and protects the skin through a 3 step procedure. Make sure to ask your specialist at Kovak Cosmetic Center about HydraFacial and other treatments that boost the natural production of collagen. 

Chicago Chemical Peels to Remove Facial Dark Spots 

Chemical peel treatments at Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago, provides a solution that is applied to the outer level of the skin. This promotes the growth of new skin and fades away dark spots. Through a variety of different chemical peels, our staff is highly trained in applying them for all types of skin tones. 

Some of the added benefits of chemical skin peel treatments are: 

  • The visual effects of sun damage will be reduced
  • Lines around the mouth and eyes will be reduced
  • Melasma, freckles, and acne will be less prominent
  • The skin will look and feel more youthful
  • Scars will be less visible
  • Pigment problems, like age spots, will be less prominent
  • Skin texture will be improved

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