As a person ages the skin covering your eyelids thins out, which may cause the blood vessels to become more apparent. Dark circles under the eyes are treated using Thermacool (Thermage), Photorejuvenation, Laser Resurfacing, or utilization of a vascular laser.


Eye hollow, dark eye circles can seem a bit frightening, but it is common to seek eye hollow treatment options, due to their unflattering look. Depending on your specific case, removing them may not always be an option, but there are ways to treat under eye dark circles & eye bags.

One of the first things that you must do is recognize the main factor of why you may have under eye bags, and that could be due to a variety of different reasons, such as:

These are just a few of the most common causes of under-eye bags and our specialists will also do whatever they can to determine the main reason. A simple lifestyle change can play a huge role in clearer and healthier skin, but call the specialists at Kovak Cosmetic Center for fast and effective results.

Kovak Cosmetic Center provides many different treatments giving you ample options to choose from when exploring a new way to brighter and healthier skin. All of our treatments are tested and proven to be highly effective in correcting and or removing bags under the eyes. Your confidence is of high importance to us, and we want to help you. 

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Eye Enhancement treatments in chicago - removal under eye bags & dark circles

AGNES (RF) Micro-Needling Treatments

AGNES (RF) is an innovative nonsurgical treatment that utilizes radio frequency-based energy & advanced micro-needling techniques to remove eye hollows, dark circles & bags under the eyes. This treatment is on the rise because of its fast application & treatment process, that provides the flexibility to continue living your life without any recovery time.This treatment gives patients fast results that last, and it is something that more and more people are trusting every day. Talk with your Kovak specialist today to learn more and see if AGNES is right for you!


Hydrafacial uses a medical-grade device to cleanse and hydrate skin, clearing dead skin and loosening pores. Using a double-helix vortex treatment wand, the wand takes away dead skin cells and dirt while at the same time filling the skin with nutrients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Hyrdrafacial is completed in a three-step procedure that takes only 20-30 minutes. It is highly sought after because of its extremely low procedure time, and it’s even shorter need for downtime, that being none. You can walk into the center, complete your short treatment, and continue the day as though nothing happened. With vortex-fusion technology, it’s possible to remove debris at the same time as effectively hydrating the skin. The three-step process of Hydrafacial consists of:

A Cleanse and Peel➢ This is essentially opening the pores and cleaning them. This process leaves the skin feeling completely rejuvenated. 

Extract and Hydrate-➢ The second part is where your specialist will take any debris from your pores using a vacuum instead of any metal tools.

Fuse and Protect- ➢ Finallypeptides and antioxidants are infused into your skin. This is done so that your skin remains protected and healthy long after the treatment. 


At Kovak we provide services that not only correct the problem that you have, but our treatments improve more things at once. Juvederm is a treatment that corrects under eye bags while at the same time, creating a healthier glow for your skin. Removing under eye bags by itself brings a younger and better look, but Juvederm adds to it by hydrating your skin, making it firmer, and keeping it looking plump. Juvederm creates a natural look that will restore your confidence and leave you feeling amazing. There are different types of Juvederm treatments designed to attack and fix specific conditions. This painless treatment does not require long recovery or procedure times, and we guarantee it will leave you in awe. If Juvederm is something that excites you and you would like to learn more about it and about the possibility of undergoing the treatment, talk to your Kovak specialist today! 


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FAQ: Eye Hollow – Under Eye Bags & Dark Circle Removal

Diminished confidence can take a huge toll on your life and show while completing daily tasks, spending time with your friends and family, and working. You should be comfortable in your own skin, and whatever your reason may be, if you suffer from bags under your eyes and you want a change, then medical treatment is the right option for you. 

With our specialists at Kovak, you will get the results that you desire quickly and pain-free in a welcoming environment full of the best cosmetic specialists in Chicago. Our patients are the number one priority at Kovak, and we want nothing less than to give you lasting results that you can be proud of. Live better with clearer, younger, and healthier skin and contact us today! 

How can I remove eye hollows, dark circles & under eye bags permanently?

You can remove them permanently by seeking the help of the Kovak Cosmetic Center. Our trained professionals have years of experience correcting all different types of dark circles, both induced by genetics and natural causes. 

Why are the circles under my eyes dark? 

The cause of dark circles heavily depends on your lifestyle and or family gene pool. If dark circles run in your family, then it is common that you, too, will have them. Don’t worry; we can correct them without a problem. 

How long after treatment will I see results? 

Each patient is always different and requires different attention than other patients. It’s hard to say how long after the treatment, you will see results, but with Kovak, some treatments can be seen immediately. Full results don’t usually happen until the following weeks. 

What can I do at home to help with dark eye circles?

Believe it or not, you can do a few things at home to help with eye bags. Though these remedies take time and patience, you can get proper sleep, eat healthily, reduce alcohol consumption, and apply a moisturizing cream. Treatments make the process of getting results a lot faster & follow these tips even after your procedure. 

Under Eye Dark Circles & Eye Bag Removal Treatments at Kovak Cosmetic Center

Dark circles under the eyes are completely harmless to your health, but if you suffer from low self-esteem or poor quality of life due to living with under eye dark circles, then you should consult Kovak Cosmetic Center.

Our specialists will help diagnose your dark-eye circles determining the cause and the route of action depending on your preferences and specific needs. Each patient and their specific case is unique, so our team will take the time to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, only offering you the best and most effective treatments. If you are living your day with depleted confidence due to dark circle under eyes & under eye bags, today is the time to make a change and start your journey to healthier skin. Contact Kovak today and meet with a trained cosmetic specialist ready to your a younger, healthier look to your face & neck! 


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