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Forehead lines are visible creases on the forehead, often associated with ageing changes in the skin. With so many different advances and unique techniques being developed for skincare treatments, people are provided with an endless amount of options for both surgical and non-surgical procedures that will reduce wrinkles, lines, and visible effects of aging. From Botox® and collagen injections to photorejuvenation, ThermiAesthetics™ and laser resurfacing, we have multiple types of technologies to produce very positive results. At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we take your wrinkles and fine lines, smooth them out, enhance your facial features, and create volume. Some common reasons forehead wrinkles and lines are:

> Sun damage
> Genetics
> Old age

Or facial specialists at Kovak Cosmetic center offer a variety of treatment options that can provide long-lasting results. During your primary consultation, our specialist will go over all of your treatment options and learn about what you want to accomplish with your treatment. For wrinkle and forehead line treatment in Chicago, Kovak Cosmetic Center offers the following treatments.


Botox Treatments for Forehead Lines & Wrinkles

Have you recently looked in the mirror and noticed that you have horizontal lines running across your forehead? Those are known as worry lines, and the older you get, the more prominent they can become. Each time you move your eyebrows, you use the muscles in your forehead, which in turn wrinkles the skin. As you grow older and the more you move your eyebrows, you lose elasticity. If you want to smooth your forehead and create a more youthful appearance, Botox with Kovak Cosmetic Center can be the difference that you need.


Through a series of injections into the forehead, we will erase those worry lines that have added years to your face. Due to the popularity of Botox, many people across the globe choose this treatment to provide fast results that last anywhere between 2-4 months. Trust in the medical professionals at Kovak Cosmetic Center to safely perform Botox treatments in Chicago!

ChiCAGO FACELIFTS - Treat Forehead Wrinkle Lines

If you don’t mind the option of surgery, a facelift is an ideal option for you. A facelift is a procedure that tackles aging skin and creates a new and glowing appearance. With Kovak Cosmetic Center, we will provide long-term results and tighten loose skin while at the same time removing extra tissue. This procedure creates a smoother, youthful appearance that you will fall in love with. At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we use the most advanced plastic surgery techniques to give you beautiful, natural-looking results.

Every patient is unique, and that is why all of our services are customized to each individual, trust in us to take years off of your face with a facelift in Chicago. Not only will a facelift eliminate wrinkles and lines in the forehead, but it will also improve the structure of your face creating a finer jaw-line and removing excess fat.

Chicago Juvederm DERMAL FILLER Treatments

If you are in search of a way to eliminate lines and wrinkles in the forehead and want to avoid surgery, Juvederm is a minimally invasive alternative to provide a new and exciting look. Juvederm is an advanced dermal filler that uses smooth gel injections to restore volume in the face. Juvederm uses a gel composed of hyaluronic acid designed to provide natural-looking results. Following your treatment, your forehead will look smoother and rejuvenated.  

At Kovak Cosmetic Center, we provide superior cosmetic results through advanced forms of hyaluronic acid fillers. The gel has a smooth texture, allowing it to enter the forehead and be distributed evenly, eliminating lines and wrinkles. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our experienced team, contact our practice today.

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Treat Forehead Fine Lines With Sculptura

As we age, it is common to see the effects that it brings with it and the way it changes parts of our body. Wrinkles and lines can drastically affect the way we look at ourselves, and facial contouring at Kovak Cosmetic Center with Sculptura will improve your face’s aesthetics. Sculptura is another injectable dermal filler that smoothes uneven skin, eliminates wrinkles, and brings volume into your face. This treatment is minimally invasive and replaces collagen that has been lost with age or through diseases such as HIV.

Sculptura is composed of poly-L-lactic acid. It provides thickness in the skin, creating a healthier and wholesome appearance. Fine lines that make you look older can be temporarily corrected with Sculptura. This treatment is long-lasting and is done without the use of surgical equipment. During your consultation, your facial contouring expert will tell you what to expect and when touch-ups are necessary. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Kovak Cosmetic Center today.

Chicago Microdermabrasion Services

 Chicago Microdermabrasion Treatments Chicago forehead wrinkle treatment services - kovak cosmetic


Are you looking for a way to eliminate lines in your forehead and revitalize your skin with absolutely no risk?

Microdermabrasion treatments at Kovak Cosmetic Center are the ideal option. Not only does Microdermabrasion remove fine lines, but it can also:



> Minimize pores
> Reduce acne scars
> Eliminate white and blackheads
> Revitalize dry skin

Microdermabrasion is known across the globe for it’s unbelievable effectiveness for any type of skin. If you are suffering from wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead and are ready for a way to create a glowing, youthful look for your skin, then you need to book your quick and painless microdermabrasion treatment with Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago.


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Treat Forehead Lines & WrINkles at
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To provide you with the best results from facial contouring procedures, Kovak Cosmetic Center will work directly with you to establish your goals and desires for a new and improved look. We will also answer any of your questions and address any concerns so that you can feel comfortable throughout the entire treatment. Our services have helped hundreds of patients in achieving benefits like:

> Reduced signs of fine lines and wrinkles
> Restoration of a more rested, vibrant look
> Long-lasting results

All those who wish to restore their youthful appearance and create a more beautiful appearance can benefit from facial contouring with Kovak Cosmetic Center. We offer the most advanced treatment plans, and each one is known to take years off your face. If your day-to-day life is affected by the lines on your forehead and you want to receive the best facial contouring in Chicago and the surrounding area, then contact Kovak Cosmetic Center today!

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