Hemangiomas are a common skin growth that can alter the appearance of your skin. You may have marks on your skin from a hemangioma that appeared during your childhood or may have started to notice the growth of small red moles on your body – something that many adults over the age of 30, and sometimes younger, experience.

Today, there are some incredible treatment options available for hemangiomas, and other conditions and problems that affect skin appearance and texture. With advanced treatments, it’s easier than ever before to regain confidence in the look of your skin.


From birth and as the body ages, there are many growths and conditions that can affect how your skin looks and feels. If you’ve always dreamed of having clearer and smoother skin, then advanced cosmetic treatments could provide the solution.

Hemangiomas are abnormally dense collections of dilated blood vessels (capillaries) that may occur in the skin. They are recognized as a visible red skin lesion that may be superficial, deeper in the skin, or a mixture of both.

Hemangiomas are usually present at birth, although they may appear within a few months after birth, often beginning at a site that has appeared slightly dusky or colored differently than the surrounding tissue.

A hemangioma can grow on any part of the body and can either be external – on the skin – or internal – such as on lungs, kidneys, the colon, and the liver. There are multiple types of hemangioma that can alter skin appearance in different ways, including:

Capillary Hemangiomas – Appearing close to the skin’s surface, capillary hemangiomas are the result of small blood vessel development. This type of hemangioma is often raised and has a sponge-like texture. Capillary hemangiomas are very common and make up the majority of infantile hemangiomas.

Cherry Hemangioma/Angioma – Typically appearing after the age of 30, and developing faster with age, cherry hemangiomas are normally small, slightly raised and bright red in color. 

Cavernous Hemangiomas – Cavernous hemangiomas are the result of a widening of large blood cells and are typically located deeper within the skin than capillary hemangiomas. This type of hemangioma can be small or large. 

Compound Hemangiomas – A compound hemangioma is a combination of a cavernous and capillary hemangioma.

Pyogenic Granuloma – Also known as lobular capillary hemangiomas, pyogenic granulomas are common during pregnancy. They often appear on the face, arms, and hands, and are small and raised.

Need advice about a hemangioma? Contact the Kovak Cosmetic Center today to discuss treatment options with our skilled cosmetic physicians. At the Kovak Cosmetic Center, we can help you to feel more beautiful in yourself with advice, guidance, and advanced cosmetic treatments that can reduce the prominence of common skin growths like hemangiomas.


hemangioma removal & treatment in chicagoWhile the majority of hemangiomas disappear by the time a child reaches the age of 10, and often much sooner, there are many reasons why hemangioma treatment may be desired. A common reason for hemangioma treatment in Chicago is because the growth is causing complications, such as affecting breathing or vision. Many people also seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. 

Cosmetic treatment can improve skin appearance after a hemangioma has disappeared. Sometimes the site of a hemangioma can be much lighter, distorted, and stretched. Blood vessels may also still be visible in this area. For cherry hemangiomas, which are very common in adults, unhappiness with the appearance of the growth or frequent irritation due to its location are typical reasons for people to seek cosmetic treatment. 

Can Hemangiomas Cause Any Complications?

It’s unlikely that a hemangioma will cause any serious complications, but it’s possible that you may experience some. Complications can arise when hemangiomas grow in dangerous areas, are larger than normal, or grow faster than normal. In some cases, hemangiomas – particularly those around the nose, mouth, and ears – break down and become very raw. A sore may develop and cause the hemangioma to bleed or become infected. Bleeding may also occur after scratching a hemangioma.

Hemangiomas near the eye may cause changes to your vision, while those near the nose or throat may affect breathing. The skin growths can also affect hearing.  In contrast to external hemangiomas, which often display no symptoms, internal hemangiomas can have a number of symptoms. Discomfort in the abdominal area, weight and appetite loss, nausea and vomiting are all common signs of internal hemangiomas.

What Treatment is Available for Hemangiomas?

The treatment options for hemangiomas are extremely varied. Here are some examples of common treatments to remove the skin growths and improve the appearance of skin blemishes left after a hemangioma has disappeared:


Beta-blockers are nonsurgical treatments for hemangiomas that are typically used in cases of infantile hemangiomas. The treatment may consist of the use of timolo gel on superficial growths or propranolol medication on more severe growths.


Corticosteroids are often used as an alternative treatment when the use of beta-blockers is not possible. Corticosteroids can be injected, applied to the surface of a hemangioma, or taken orally. This treatment can reduce inflammation and hemangioma development.


Cryosurgery is a quick and simple procedure, commonly used to treat cherry hemangiomas. During the treatment, a very small amount of liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy the hemangioma. As the extreme cold of liquid nitrogen is able to kill cells immediately, cryosurgery can be very effective.

Surgical Removal

Surgery is often suggested when hemangiomas are abnormally large or located in a very sensitive area. There are multiple surgical procedures used to treat hemangiomas, including electrocauterization and shave excision.

Electrocauterization is a popular surgical procedure for cherry hemangiomas. During the procedure, the patient’s body will be grounded while the surgeon uses a probe to burn the growth. Shave excision is a quick and minimally invasive surgical procedure that’s used to treat many types of skin growth. During the procedure, the physician will use a scalpel to remove the upper part of the hemangioma.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another common surgical treatment for hemangiomas. This treatment involves the use of a pulsed dye laser to destroy the hemangioma; it can be highly effective in reducing redness and removing the growth.

In some cases, only one laser treatment session will be required, but more can be scheduled if a larger number of hemangiomas need to be removed. Laser surgery is a quick procedure that’s performed on an outpatient basis.

During an appointment at the Kovak Cosmetic Center, you’ll be able to discuss the available treatments for hemangiomas in more detail. After an examination of your hemangioma and after discussing your desired results, your physician will suggest the most suitable treatment option for you.

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If you’re unhappy with the appearance of a hemangioma or the location of the growth is causing frequent irritation, then there are many fast and effective treatments available to remove the growth or reduce the prominence of its appearance. If you would like to talk to a cosmetic physician about treating a hemangioma, then into contact with the Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago.

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