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keloid scarScars are common among many patients as they form part of the body’s natural healing process. While scars often tend to shrink and fade over time, in some cases, they remain raised, discolored, large, and even painful. The reconstructive plastic surgeons and specialists at Kovak Cosmetic center provide non-invasive and surgical treatments to help minimize the appearance of these unwanted scars.

Our therapists actively research the newest and most effective methods for treating these conditions. They also are personally invested in recommending the best treatment based on several factors, including the following:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Location

Each treatment plan designed at our Chicago clinic is personalized to meet each patient’s aesthetic and functional goals. Do you have a scar that is taking away from your beautiful complexion? Are you left without answers in search of a quick and lasting solution? Then there is no better place to go than our expert clinic.

What are Keloid Scars?

Keloids are scars that have continued to grow, becoming raised and large. The moment any infection or incision in the body occurs, the body starts to create collagen to heal the injury. Unfortunately, keloids occur when the body doesn’t stop forming collagen at the spot of the injury, creating a raised and unattractive mass. While these scar formations happen in any part of the body, they most commonly occur on:

  • Shoulders
  • Ear lobes
  • Breastbone area

Chicago keloid removal experts at Kovak Cosmetic Center offer treatments to those who need these growths removed, repairing any deformity caused to the body. Keloids are unique to each patient and, depending on the specific condition, can be treated using different methods ranging from steroid injections to surgical removal. Our expert services allow the affected body area to be restored to its once stunning form.

What Causes Keloid Scars?

Unfortunately, the primary cause of keloids is not known. However, the suspected problem is caused by abnormalities in cell proliferation. This means the process of healing is not stopped normally. In this case, the scar tissue builds, leading to unsightly and large scars. Other causes may include:

  • Hormonal factors
  • Genetic factors
  • Accelerated growth during puberty
  • Pregnancy

During your consultation, our team will review your family history and current medical condition to understand what may be causing your unwanted scars. Selecting the right course of action can only be determined by a professional; therefore, contact our clinic today.

What Scar Treatments are Available in Chicago?

Every scar is distinctive and requires detailed consideration from a surgeon who is highly skilled. With that said, below are a few of the most common procedures Kovak Cosmetic Center uses to remove scars and restore their smooth, clear, and healthy skin:

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This effective remedy can be used on virtually any scar, especially Keloids. It works by removing your injured skin one layer at a time, ultimately eliminating the blemish and displaying your smooth and clear complexion underneath. At our clinic, we provide a variety of different laser skin resurfacing therapies. We will determine the best treatment to attack your unique condition effectively.


Microdermabrasion is a gentle but effective treatment involving using a unique tool with rough edges to remove the damaged outer layers caused by keloids. The process creates tiny wounds your body naturally heals by producing new collagen, generating new, undamaged skin to grow and dramatically improving the appearance of the scar.

Steroid Injections

Various injections can be used to remove the keloid scars and reproduce naturally looking skin. These injections are ideal for those who want to avoid surgical remedies at all costs. Patients receive fast and affordable results that do not take away from their daily schedule with long recovery times.

*Surgical procedures may be needed depending on the condition of the patient. Therefore, you must schedule a consultation with our clinic to determine the best course of action going forward.

What is the Cost of Keloid Removal?

Your keloid therapy will be entirely unique to you. Therefore, our clinic will provide you with a quote following a thorough consultation and examination with our board-certified therapists. Ensuring that you get the results you need, we will find the best solution that fits your timeline and budget. Ensuring you are provided with the smooth and young complexion of your dreams is our top priority.

Why Choose the Skin Specialists at Kovak Cosmetic Center?

When you choose our practice for your keloid treatment in Chicago, you pick a practice driven by world-renowned specialists. With a team of board-certified and experienced technicians, you are assured of a boutique, personalized, and practical experience. In addition to our advanced procedures, our team also delivers the full exhibition of cosmetic dermatology, including:

  • Lasers
  • Injectables
  • Surgical fixes
  • Non-surgical contouring

At our renowned clinic, we understand better than any other that each patient’s condition is unique. No patient is the same. That is one of the many reasons we always take a practical and personalized approach. Our patients always feel comfortable and taken care of through every therapy, from the primary consultation to the end result.

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Suppose unsightly scars are affecting your appearance and damaging your confidence. In that case, we encourage you to schedule a consultation for among the best scar treatment Chicago has to offer. During your private meeting, our team will carefully evaluate the marks that concern you most before composing a customized treatment plan to restore your smooth and blemish-free complexion. Schedule your consultation today and start your journey to a cleaner complexion today. Want to see why we are the best? Visit our clinic. Get directions here.


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